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Monday, May 18, 2015

Mens Bowling Club Results

Ballina RSL Men
Tues 12 May: Men's Triples: J Busuttil, M Lloyd, B Gallaher 25 (Winners) b B Ryan, K Manion, E Linder 11; Bucket, Gary O, F Wedesweiler 27 b W Binney, R Gregor, W McRae (R/Up) 12; F Connors, D Hicks, M Crummy 26 b K Hill, T Whyte, B O'Grady (LL) 12; B Proudfoot, G Jarrett, P Dean 26 b P Connick, A Gibson, G McPhail 19; K Somerville, L Stuart, A Bailey 21 b G Wesley, A Garcia, T Hearn 19; A Ramage, M Gray, M Debono 23 b N Lane, P Stephan, A Langridge 10; G Danvers, K Spearing, C Macklin 28 b R Gibson, E Studley, J Martin 9; D Wheatland, R Jelfs, F Flick 24 b G Partridge, S Weller, B Parr 15; E Sellick, L Dimmock, T Kidd 25 b J Lowry, K Arthur, C Ulrick 19.
Fri 15 May: Mixed Pairs: M O'Neill, B Gallaher 21 (Winners) b K McIlwain, L McIlwain 21 on ends; L Dimmock, K Somerville 36 (RU) b M Lloyd, F Flick 10; K McPhail, G McPhail 24 b M Gray, M Debono 18; E Studley, J Curtis 27 b R Jelfs, M Crummy 20; P Weller, S Weller 29 b D Eggins, T Hearn 18; J Reed, N Lane 21 b J Lowry, J Lyon 20.
Sat 16 May: Club Championships Major Singles 1st Round: A Waldron 31 b M Debono 25; R Gregor 31 b C Pittman 20; K Somerville 31 b K McIlwain 10; M Gray 31 b G Scott 4; H Willems 32 b G McLean 9; N Lane 30 b W Binney 5. Mixed Triples: B Northfield, F Somerville, G Vaubell 20 b J Lane, N Craddock, V Lewis 12; A Daley, J Vaubell, J Busuttil 19 b J Daley, J Robertson 16.
Notes: Major Singles 1st round to be completed on or before Sunday 24 May, 2nd to be completed on or before Sunday 7 June. Super Tuesday with over $300 in prizes on 26 May.

Mens Bowling Club Results 11:13:41 am, Categories: Bowling Club


Sadly my Sandflies report was left out of the Tuesday paper last week, in which I mentioned the passing of our old mate Eric Burgess and Lexy Hamilton Mrs. Not sure why, but the paper must have missed my email, so my apologies. To report the Sandflies Sunday morning at the Ballina RSL Bowling Club. Started of sadly to hear the News about Lofty Swetnam passing away on Friday. He was one of the Sandflies and President of the Men’s Club and well respected in the Ballina RSL Club and Sub Branch circles. Our thoughts go out to Shirley and family. The boys braved the rain after the greenskeeper gave the thumbs up early Sunday morning. Winners were on rink 3 of the Navy Green with Lexy Hamilton, Kenny Arthur and Butch getting up in a close 21 to 20 against Laurie McCann, Mal Lowe and young Bobby Gibson. Great to see Lexy getting out and back on deck with the boys. Runners up were on rink 2 with Roy Frappell, welcome back Frank Renner and ‘…call me what you like but don’t call me Timmy’ Taylor getting beat in another close game by Roger ‘the yank’ Elkins, Uncle fester and former South Sydney great Col Pittman and not to mention another bunny howdoyoudo. Sheets on the board for Bribie $150 - 27-28 June, game 3 of the 4 match series of the State of Origin at Robina 19 July $25 and the return visit to MacLean $25 - 16 August. Till next week take care fellas.

SANDFLIES NEWS 11:11:33 am, Categories: Bowling Club

Monday, May 11, 2015


A minute silence was held on Sunday morning after the Sandflies were told by Johnny Burrows that his best mate Eric Burgess had passed away. During that minute, memories flooded back off Eric and his permanent smile plus them misfortunes including him head butting the toilet pan and smashing it to pieces and then the getting run over by the car trailer trick. Not a dry eye in the house and one could hear a faint verse of Eric and Sandflies President Col Pittman singing '...Glory Glory to South Sydney…’ echoing through the Ballina RSL Bowling Club. Not much hope was held for Eric after a recent fall but its still sad when it happens. Also the wife of Lexy Hamilton passed away last week. Lexy is just getting back to his brilliant best after some old war injuries playing up. Hope the grieving process isn’t too hard one both them families and Preso Col passes on from the Ballina RSL Sandflies his deepest condolences to both families. Winners on the day were on rink 3 of the Navy Green and they were Brendan Higgins, Gordon Jarrett and Garry Simon getting up 26 to 10 over Laurie McCann, Allan Britt and Butch. Runners up were next door on rink 2 and they were Little Joe, Peter Jarrett and Alfredo Garcia getting beat on the day by Garry Cross, Keith Spearing and young Bobby Gibson 24 to 18. Sheets are on the board for 3 trips away. Bribie Island 27th - 28th of June - $150.00, the 3 round of the 4 game State of Origin on the 19th of July - $25.00 and MacLean 16th August - $25.00. Till next week take care fellas.

SANDFLIES NEWS 01:52:54 pm, Categories: Bowling Club

Monday, January 26, 2015

Sandflies Results and News

The promised deluge that was coming down from Brisbane way didn't happen and the Sandflies got in their Sunday morning game under a beautiful cloudless sky but a very hot muggy day to say the least.
No complaints from us to be sure but that humidity gets to you after a while and there's not much you can do about that only to get the game over and get back into the Ballina RSL Bowling Clubhouse and the air con. A bloke was running on a empty tank of sweat by 12 bells I can assure you but the welcome cold Schooner can help that out.
The Sandflies played on the very good Air Force Green on Sunday and winners on the day were on rink 18 with the very consistent Stewie Weller and Uncle Fester getting on top of ‘Call me anything you like but don't call me Timmy’ Taylor and Alby Waldron 23 to 21 with Alby getting 6 in the last two ends to really catch up. Runners up were on rink 20 with Bob Davey, Dennis ‘Parker-Bowls’ Chapter and the Lennox Legend, Johnny Burrows getting a 'how do you' against Peter Harley, Allan Britt and Gary Simon 23 to 13. Next week is Old Mates Day and see Alby before Wednesday Arvo if you want a game. We had the full card but some teams had to pull out so if you can help out please see the boy.

Till next week take care fellas.

Sandflies Results and News 05:50:20 pm, Categories: Bowling Club

20 JAN

C.Ulrick,V.Elms,K.Somerville (winners) d P.Connick,L.Prsa,F.Wedesweiler 9;W.McRae,L.Bartlett,Dick Gregor 21 d W.Rogan,E.Sellick,L.Dimmock 19;R.Soward,C.Beddoes,W.Wyatt 20 d D.Huett,D.Gregor,R.Watson 16;B.O’Grady,T.Whyte,K.Hill 22 d J.Busuttil,J.Lyon,M.Crummy 22 (c/b);N.Maish,S.Turner,T.Kidd 26 d C.Coleman,B.Duniam,P.Mazzer 10;D.Wheatland,A.Langridge,F.Flick 21 d J.Lowry,K.Arthur,C.Dart 11;G.Danvers,K.Spearing 16 d G.Carter P.Greenwood 15;B.Proudfoot,G.Jarrett 29 d M.Biddle,W.Binney 27;G.Wesley,A.Garcia,T.Hearn 21 d K.McIlwain,M.Armstrong,D.Spencer 10;L.Hamilton,M.Lowe,J.Fuller 18 d T.Taylor,G.Scott,P.Kearney 14;S.Weller,D.Hickey,G.Partridge 34 d B.Lewis,P.Stephan,R.Jelfs 15;B.Davey,K.Manion,E.Linder 33 d E.Studley,J.Martin,R.Gibson 11;T.Ives,B.Z,G.McPhail 22 d A.Ramage,M.Gray,M.DeBono 9.

05:24:37 pm, Categories: Bowling Club

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