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Monday, August 25, 2014


Not much fun with all this rain and more to come they say. The Sandflies have missed a game three weeks in a row this month but whose complaining. With the end of August next Sunday the Sandflies might just get in one game for this month then thats the end of winter and then its Spring’s turn. Freddy Nonethewiser played in the Champions of Champions on the weekend. The Saturday game was washed out at Lismore City and two rounds were played Sunday at South Lismore Bowling Club and Fred went down in the mornings game to Benny McCall. Would have been a great experience for Fred as he only gets the weekend game in due to work commitments and to play someone of Ben’s ability and experience would have been something else. Well done Fred for getting that far mate and you done good. Blue McNally’s Navy Day coming up on Sunday the 14th of September and the Cadets of the TS Lismore take over the Army, Navy and Air Force Greens for the day as a fundraiser and the sheet is on the bowls board for that huge day. Its great to see the family’s of the very well turned out cadets plus the local's rally and play at The Ballina RSL Bowling Club for that excellent yearly fundraiser. That Navy day is getting bigger then Ben Hur and brings out the budding bowler for this fun day. It will be the first time the Sandflies have missed that day as they are obligated to travel away on that day for a return visit to Stafford in Brisbane for the grudge match organised by the Queensland Newspapers Bowling Club when they visited the Ballina RSL Bowling Club last year, however the Sandflies who are not going away will play on the day if they can. Till next week take care fellas.

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Monday, August 18, 2014


August 12th;Triples;
B O’Grady, T Whyte, D Lee 18 (winners) d D Spencer, K McIlwain, R Jelfs 17; K Spearing, M Lewis, W Harris 19 (RU) d J Martin, R Gibson, A Gibson 11 (LL); D Wheatland, A Langridge, F Flick 23 d L Hamilton, G Alcorn, M Lowe 16 ( LT); G Cartep, J Lyon, C Ulrick 28 d E Linder, F Connors, M Crummy 11; D Ward, J Daley, T Kidd 22 d (on ends) N Maish, R Campbell, W Wyatt 22; K Somerville, L Stuart, A Bailey 25 d A Rumage, M Biddle, M Debono 13; B Lewis, P Stephan, J Curtis 26 d C Coleman, B Duniam, P Mazzer 14; D Gregor, D Huett, R Watson 17 d J Lowry, K Arthur, D Hickey 10; G Wesley, AGarcia, T Hearn 19 d B Gallaher, M Trickey, B Ryan 17; E Sellick. L Dimmick, W Rogan 29 d G Hefferman, W McRay, Dick Gregor 15; P Greenwood, G Talbot 38 d M Armstrong, E Strong 5; B Parr, S Weller, G Partridge 36 d P Dean, B Proudfoot, G Jarrett 12.

August 15th;
Crummy Variation; B Harris, J Lyon 22 (RU) d K McIlwain, G Carter 11; M O;Niell, B Gallaher 25 d P Weller, G Weir 9 (LL); D Eggins, W Rogan 29 d K Somervillr, A Bailey18; K Leo, N Lane 28 d M Crummy, R Jelfs 17; F Flick, C Ulrick 29 d L McIlwain, M Debono 18; B Proudfoot, P Dean 18 d D Gregor, D Huett 12; J Lowry, G Jarrett22 d P Stephan, J Curtis 17;
Round 3 Minor championship; S Weller 31 (days winner) d B Lewis 12; R Watson 31 d L Davis 17 ( days LL).

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Wednesday, August 13, 2014


August 5th; Club triples;
P Dean, F Renner, G Jarrett 22 (winners) d B Ryan, F Connors, M Crummy 7; K Manion, P Stephan, J Curtis 27 (RU) d P Connick, E Strong, N Lane 16; J Martin, R Gibson, A Gibson 20 d D Spencer, K McIlwain, R Jelfs 20 (LT); J Lyon, E Linder, C Ulrick 16 d D Ward, J Daley, T Kidd 11 (LL); N Greenhaulch, C Pittman, F Reardon 29 d G Scott, P Kearney, G Simon 10; D Wheatman, A Langridge, F Flick 20 d K Somerville, L Stuart, A Bailey 18; G Wesley, A Garcia, T Hearn 26 d G Alcorn, M Lowe, J Fuller 11; C Coleman, B Duniam, P Mazzer 14 d J Lowry, K Arthur, B Lewis 14; B O;Grady, N Maish 22 d P Greenwood, B White 17; S Weller, B Parr, G Partridge 23 d D Huett, D Gregor, R Watson 20; R Campbell, R Soward, W Wyatt 34 d Dick Gregor, G Hefferna, B McRay 9; E Sellick, L Dimmock, W Rogan 19 d A Ramage, M Gray, M Debono 14;

August 8th; Crummy mixed pairs;
D Eggins, W Rogan 28 ( winners) d P Weller, G Weir; J Curtis, B White 17 (RU) d D Huett, M Debono 15; F Flick, C Ulrick 19 (LT) d K Somerville, A Bailey 18; W McRay, Dick Gregor 27 d H Spierings, J Spierings (LL); T Hearn, B Gallaher 22 d M Crummy, R Jelfs 14; G Carter, Don Gregor 31 d K McIlwain, D Hickey 18; M Watson, R Watson 23 d L McIlwain, M Anderson 16;

August 9th;club triples;
J Vaubell, R Marquardt 25 (winners) d K McDonald, R Courtney, J Courtney 15; B Northfield, A Mathews, N Dunstone 27 (LT) d H Fingleton, G Vaubell, J Robertson 12; A Marchment, R Mathews20 d K Kilby, K Dennis 13;

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BALLINA RSL Men's Bowling Club No.6 Pennant Team bowed out in the sectional phase, of three rounds, at the BowlsNSW Finals after a 55-50 shot loss to Windang on Sunday 10 August at Cherry Street Sports.

On Saturday Ballina RSL beat Karuah District RSL 57-55 then lost 65-49 to Lawson - Monday's finalists and eventual winners.

The Ballina RSL MBC team, although disappointed at not progressing to the knock-out stage, were wrapped with competing against the top 16 clubs from all corners of New South Wales.

Ballina RSL commenced their Pennant Season in March and played 15 matches overall winning 12 and dropping three.

In the Northern Rivers District Bowling Association Ballina RSL MBC played 10 matches recording nine wins and were crowned District winners, while at the Zone One playoffs they had two wins from two matches to hoist the Zone One No.6 Pennant Flag.

The Zone One win was the first in the club's 50 years and earns the club their first state finals berth.

At the Bowls NSW state finals the team secured one win and two losses.

The semi-finals and final of the Bowls NSW No.6 State Pennant Flag were contested at Ballina RSL Bowling Club, Canal Road.

Blue Mountains club Lawson beat West Port (Macquarie) 71-38 on Monday 11 August to win the flag.

In Sunday's semi finals Lawson beat Jindabyne 62-40 while West Port (Macquarie) defeated St John's River (Sydney) 73-51.

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What a weekend and the perfect way to spend one's 40th wedding anniversary, playing lawn bowls and without getting the evil eye look from the Mrs. The State playoffs in the grade 6 was played at the Ballina RSL Bowling Club and down at Cherry Street. The semi - finals was played at the Ballina RSL Bowling Club on Sunday arvo and the finals to be played on Monday morning there also. Lawson and Westport do battle from 9 bells. Lawson gave us a little touch up on Saturday arvo and to me look the ones to beat but hey, I also barrack for the Tigers and they got smashed 64 to 6. Its a shame we can hold the state pennant finals every year as what a great way for clubs to build up funds. All of us who have played pennants year after year really get a buzz when an event like this happens at your club. For us its a first to have played in a state final and you seem to lift your personal best to a new level - or try to. I know its not grade 1 and most of us are far from that but with the crowd cheering and clapping and the odd pat on the back seems to make years of getting the ass kicked all worth while. Many thanks to the Ballina RSL Bowling Club members and the Cherry Street mob for the support on Saturday and Sunday. A great feeling. No Sandflies game was played on Sunday morning as most of the regulars were playing in the pennants and the rest were in support mode and thanks again to them all. It's nice to see club members pulling together for a common cause and we are sorry we didn't deliver but we did proud thanks very much. Well done lads. Next week is a home game and I think the trip away to Stafford on the 14th of September is on the board and already full I think. Reserves are more then welcome to enlist. Till next week take care fellas

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