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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Ballina RSL Sandflies Bowls Club

All roads lead to Ballina RSL Bowling Club next Sunday the 29th Nov when the Ballina RSL Sandflies and Alsontville Mafia take on the Robina Rebels and Musgrave Hill Maulers in the State of Origin. This is always a keenly contest affair with no prisoners taken to win the coveted title.
Sunday 22nd of Nov saw 24 Sandlfies out on the excellent home greens. The winners for the day were Peter 'backhand" Harley, Tim Taylor and Josh Greenhalgh 25 over Peter Connick, Warren "Boston" Thatcher and Luke "I'm only 53" Prsa 14. Runners up Roger Elkins, Allan "it was only squash" Britt and Bob Gibsson 22 going down in by the barest of margins to young Isaac Nelson, John Dennis and Alfredo "the Great" Garcia 23. Other results included Laurie "Rabbi" McCann, Bretty Fraser and Col "more chicken" Pittman 20 defeating Guy Kermode, Steve Mison and Neville "Nifty" Dunne 13. The other rink saw Big Joe Busuttil, Alby Waldron and Fred Weidesweller 20 won over Mick Thompson, Garry "Celubrious" Scott and Gary Simon 14.
The committee sprung another surprise BBQ for the players after the game which was greatly appreciated by the gathered throng. The long awaited return of secretary Pat "Mad Irish" Kearney is expected next week after being lost at sea for a month.

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Saturday Nov 14: J Albany,C Jones,W Binney 29(winners) d J Vaubell,M Riches,R Soward 22; R Proudfoot,G Wesley,L McIlwain 23(runner up) d E Strong,A Marchment,D Hicks 12; G Vaubell,D Strong,B Bennett 22 d J Busuttil,T Riches,K McIlwain 11; K Dennis,B Lewis 23 d M Soeard,R Jelfs 15.
Tuesday Nov 17: L Bartlett,W McRae,Dick Gregor 20(winners) d B Davey,B Gibson,J Martin 13; B Lewis,D Wheatland,F Flick 19(runner up) d B Taylor,B Parr,S Weller 15; J Heard,B O’Grady,K Hill 21 d R Jelfs,K Manion,E Linder 16(lucky loser); G Hensel,D Spencer 26(lucky team) d P Connick,J Dennis 16; K Spearing,M Lewis,W Harris 25 d P Greenwood,J Shearman,L Shearman 12; R Soward C Beddoes,W Wyatt 24 d L Hamilton,P Wood,W Binney 17; T Kidd,E Sellick,L Dimmock 23 d K McIlwain,B Cooper,J Curtis 17; J Busuttil,K Somerville,A Bailey 22 d D Hicks,C Dart,F Wedesweiler 14; A Ramage,M Gray,M DeBono 23 d G Wesley,A Garcia,T Hearn 16; G Danvers,G Alcorn,J Fuller 36 d J Beaver,M Lloyd,G Jarrett 13; E Strong,N Lane,P Stephan 21 d E Studley,B Proudfoot,J Lyon 11; R Elkins,R Brown,D Brown 21 d P Cawley,B Fuller,F Connors 20; J Lowry,K Arthur,C Ulrick 23 d D Huett,D Gregor,R Watson 15.
Friday Nov 20: P Weller,P Stephan 26(winners) d R Jelfs,G Jarrett 9; D Maclemen,C Briand,D Hicks 17(runner up) d G Hensel,G Weir,K McIlwain 16; P Wood,D Gregor 20 d D Huett,W Binney 15; M Gray,L McIlwain 22 d C Dart,L Dimmock 17; S Weller,M DeBono 19 d B Cooper,K Somerville 16.
Saturday Nov 21: B Northfield,T Riches,B Lewis 18(winners) d R Proudfoot,G Wesley,L Kostza 14; J Vaubell,K Dennis 26(runner up) d G Vaubell,D Saines 9;J Watson,D Strong,R Jelfs 26 d J Lane,M Riches,R Marquardtt 12; L Keppie,J Busuttil 25 d R Dutton,E Strong 12.
Club Championship Mixed Fours: J Albany,J Harte,F Wedesweiler,L Davis 30 d P Weller,D Vaughn,S Weller,C Pittman 18; J Lowry,F Somerville,B Bennett,K Somerville 22 d K McIlwain,B Nelson,L McIlwain,C Ulrick 19.

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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Ballina RSL Sandflies Bowls Club

The weather cleared on Sunday morning for the Sandflies "Killabug" sponsors day.
Most rinks got the full quota of ends with all of the victors recording comfortable winning margins.
The winners were on rink 10 John Lowry, Don McLemon and Ken "KKK" McIlwain 19 getting up over
Greg Killabug, John Dennis and Luke "Longboard" Prsa 12. Runners up for the day were Lex Hamilton,
Col "Medals" Siviour and Peter Tootell 9 who were defeated by Roger "Drill Bit" Elkins, John Harley and Alfredo
"The Great" Garcia 20.
Some of the hardworking committee were on hand early to prepare the food for the bbq lunch served up
to the grateful Sandflies after the game. The Sandflies thank Greg and his Killabug enterprise for his continued
support and sponsorship.
Next week is a home game.

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Ballina RSL Mens Bowls Club

Tuesday Nov 10: J Beaver,G Jarrett,P Dean 23(winner) d E Strong,K Manion,E Linder 20;K McIlwain,B Cooper,J Curtis 18(runner up) d C Dart,D Huett,R Watson 17;J Lowry,K Arthur,C Ulrick 27 d L Hamilton,B Lewis,W Binney 14(lucky loser);B Taylor,B Parr,S Weller 26 d Roger,B Fuller,P Cawley 9;J Busuttil,J Dennis,M Biddle 23 d B Davey,B Gibson,J Martin 21;K Spearing,M Lewis,M Harris 21 d E Studley,D Hicks,R Jelfs 7;G Wesley,A Garcia,T Hearn 22 d P Greenwood,J Shearman,L Shearman 15;P Connick,E Sellick,L Dimmock 22 d D Wheatland,B Gallaher,F Flick 12;A Ramage,M Gray, J Lyon 22 d W McRae,L Bartlett,Dick Gregor 10;R Soward,C Beddoes,W Wyatt 22 d K Somerville,L Stuart,A Bailey 19;N Lane,P Stephan,A Langridge 21 d M Lloyd,K Hill,B O’Grady 9.
Friday Nov 13: M Gray,M DeBono 28 d K McIlwain, R Jelfs 17; D Huett,P Stephan 31 d M O’Neill.B Gallaher 13;R Soward,K Somerville 18 d C Dart,J Shearman 15;P Weller,S Weller 28 d B Cooper,W Binney 11;L Lewis,B Lewis 24 d D Maclemen,M Lloyd 19;G Jarrett,P Dean 25 d G Hensel,D Gregor 13.
Club Championship Mixed Triples: P Weller,S Weller W Rogan 22 d F Somerville,L Dimmock,K Somerville 17.

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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Ballina RSL Sandflies Bowls Club

A few hardy Sandflies turned up on Sunday for a roll only to be thwarted by the weather.
18 players walked out the door ready to play only to return to the club house immediately as the rain set in for the day.
Hopefully next week the sun will shine for "KILLABUG" sponsors day featuring Scotty's rissoles.
Don't forget the State of Origin on Sunday 29th of November.

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