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Monday, January 26, 2015

Sandflies Results and News

The promised deluge that was coming down from Brisbane way didn't happen and the Sandflies got in their Sunday morning game under a beautiful cloudless sky but a very hot muggy day to say the least.
No complaints from us to be sure but that humidity gets to you after a while and there's not much you can do about that only to get the game over and get back into the Ballina RSL Bowling Clubhouse and the air con. A bloke was running on a empty tank of sweat by 12 bells I can assure you but the welcome cold Schooner can help that out.
The Sandflies played on the very good Air Force Green on Sunday and winners on the day were on rink 18 with the very consistent Stewie Weller and Uncle Fester getting on top of ‘Call me anything you like but don't call me Timmy’ Taylor and Alby Waldron 23 to 21 with Alby getting 6 in the last two ends to really catch up. Runners up were on rink 20 with Bob Davey, Dennis ‘Parker-Bowls’ Chapter and the Lennox Legend, Johnny Burrows getting a 'how do you' against Peter Harley, Allan Britt and Gary Simon 23 to 13. Next week is Old Mates Day and see Alby before Wednesday Arvo if you want a game. We had the full card but some teams had to pull out so if you can help out please see the boy.

Till next week take care fellas.

Sandflies Results and News 05:50:20 pm, Categories: Bowling Club

20 JAN

C.Ulrick,V.Elms,K.Somerville (winners) d P.Connick,L.Prsa,F.Wedesweiler 9;W.McRae,L.Bartlett,Dick Gregor 21 d W.Rogan,E.Sellick,L.Dimmock 19;R.Soward,C.Beddoes,W.Wyatt 20 d D.Huett,D.Gregor,R.Watson 16;B.O’Grady,T.Whyte,K.Hill 22 d J.Busuttil,J.Lyon,M.Crummy 22 (c/b);N.Maish,S.Turner,T.Kidd 26 d C.Coleman,B.Duniam,P.Mazzer 10;D.Wheatland,A.Langridge,F.Flick 21 d J.Lowry,K.Arthur,C.Dart 11;G.Danvers,K.Spearing 16 d G.Carter P.Greenwood 15;B.Proudfoot,G.Jarrett 29 d M.Biddle,W.Binney 27;G.Wesley,A.Garcia,T.Hearn 21 d K.McIlwain,M.Armstrong,D.Spencer 10;L.Hamilton,M.Lowe,J.Fuller 18 d T.Taylor,G.Scott,P.Kearney 14;S.Weller,D.Hickey,G.Partridge 34 d B.Lewis,P.Stephan,R.Jelfs 15;B.Davey,K.Manion,E.Linder 33 d E.Studley,J.Martin,R.Gibson 11;T.Ives,B.Z,G.McPhail 22 d A.Ramage,M.Gray,M.DeBono 9.

05:24:37 pm, Categories: Bowling Club

Monday, January 19, 2015

Sandflies Results and News

With the visit from MacLean Travelling Bowlers, a hot Sunday morning and with the humidity around 92% there was a lot of thirsty lads around.

Around 90 bowlers battled it out for the bragging rights till the next game to be played at MacLean later in the year. Wasn't the easiest way to play bowls and all were very much happier to be back in the Ballina RSL Bowling Club after the game.
Uncle Fester played Preso for the day and did a mighty job. Winners on the day were the Sandflies with a overall score of 276 to MacLean’s 268 so it was a very close event.

Terry Radford from the MacLean mob said he thought the score was rigged but I can assure you after doing a recount on the cards this morning he was right. Not sure what happened there but looking at the cards they are very hard to read due to the wet club shits from perspiration and sweat so no one will lose any sleep over it thats for sure.

A top day with a top bunch of men from MacLean. Next week we have a home game and the on the 1st of February Old Mates Day will be played with all greens filled at the moment. If it is washed out on that day the game will transfer to the 8th of February.

Many thanks to all involved and to Stewie Weller for helping on the BBQ and Dont call me Timmy helping out also.

Till next week take care fellas.

Sandflies Results and News 12:29:07 pm, Categories: Bowling Club

Ballina RSL Men's Bowling Club

13 JAN
D.Wheatland,A.Langridge,F.Flick 26 (winners) d G.Danvers, K.Spearing, C.Macklin 14; E.Sellick,L.Dimmock,W.Rogan 29 (R/U) d A.Ramage, M.Gray, M.Debono 16; C.Coleman,B.Duniam, P.Mazzer 25 (LT) d P.Connick, J.Busuttil,B.Gallaher 15; B.O’Grady, T.Whyte, K.Hill 22 d P.Greenwood,G.Carter,J.Shearman 20; N.Dunne,G.Scott,P.Kearney 23 d C.Ulrick,V.Elmes,D.Hickey 17; K.Somerville,L.Stuart,A.Bailey 22 d A.Gibson,W.Binney,M.Anderson 15; T.Ives,J.Clarke,G.McPhail 20 d D.Huett,D.Gregor,R.Watson 16; G.Wesley,A.Garcia,T.Hearn 19 d J.Lowry,K.Arthur,C.Dart 11; C.Robertson, N.Lane,R.Jelfs 18 d F.Connors,J.Lyon,M.Crummy 14; R.Soward,C.Beddoes,W.Wyatt 28 d F.Renner,L.Prsa,F.Wedesweiler 16; N.Maish,S.Turner,T.Kidd 27 d E.Studley,J.Martin,R,Gibson 19; B.Davey,K.Manion,E.Linder 21 d K.McIlwain,M.Armstrong,D.Spencer 16; P.Dean,B.Lewis,G.Jarrett 18 d W.McRae,L.Bartlett,Dick Gregor 16.

16 JAN
R.Jelfs,M.Crummy,M.DeBono 24 d D.Macleman,M.Gray,R.Soward 15; M.Watson,R.Watson 23 d F.Renner,K.Somerville 16; K.McIlwain,F.Flick 30 d E.Studley,D.Wheatland 9; D.Huett,D.Gregor 20 d H.Willems,B.Moystyn 11; D.Eggins,W.Rogan 27 d M.O’Neill,B.Gallaher 13; G.Weir,G.Jarrett,P.Dean 18 d G.Weir,T.Hearn,C.Briand 15.

17 JAN
E.Studley,L.Kostza 19 (winners) d A.Marchment,R.Watson 15; B.O’Grady,R.Dutton,J.Robertson 23 (R/U) d G.Wesley,K.Keppie 14; R.Esler,G.Vaubel,C.Dart 29 d F.Tranter,k.Dennis,C.Robertson 14; K.Kilby,J.Daley,M.Crummy 21 d J.Busuttil,G.Carter,B.Bennett 14.
Championships; Major Fours Final; M.Gray,R.Soward,F.Flick,A.Langridge 22 d C.Ulrick,L.Dimmock,D.Gregor,A.Bailey 21; Mixed Fours Final; J.Vaubel,V.Lewis,T.Hearn,D.Hicks 20 d C.jones,J.Hollingsworth,M.Anderson,W.Binney 18; Major Pairs; J.Shearman,D.Gregor 24 d B.Fraser,D.Elphic 14; M.Greenhalgh,C.Pittman 21 d P.Stephan,S.Weller 19.

Thank you. Stewart Weller.

Ballina RSL Men's Bowling Club 12:25:47 pm, Categories: Bowling Club

Monday, January 12, 2015

Sandflies Results and News

Lucky to get the game in on Sunday with showers hanging around all morning but the rain held off and then started to get a bit more serious after we had got back into the air conditioned clubhouse.

A very humid morning of bowls to put up with but a good turnout of regulars and visitors. Mrs. Parker’s little boy Johnny had a beer bug and his new neighbour, former South Sydney great and Sandflies Preso Col Pittman, wasn't the best either but both managed to get in a game of bowls.

Winners on the day were on Rink 2 with new member Roger Elkins, Gordon Jarrett and Niffty Nev Dunne getting a 4 on the last end to get up 18 to 16 against Billy Inglis, Johnny Burrows and Patrick Kearney. Runners up were next door on rink 3 with Ray Scott, Uncle Fester and Alby Waldron getting beat on the day by Peter Harley, Mrs. Parkers’ very sick little boy Johnny and Gary Simon 24 to 10. Alby told Johnny that if he felt like throwing in the towel that Uncle Fester was on mouth to mouth duty so that seemed to keep Johnny on his feet. Great to see Eric Burgess come down from St. Andrews with his Grandson Jason to visit the Sandflies. Very nice gesture that and to see him back by his old mate Johnny Burrows side was like old times.

Next Sunday we need all the players we can as the MacLean boys are back in town with 35 to 40 players rearin' to go. $10.00 gets you a game of bowls and a BBQ lunch. Hope to see you there if you can help out.

Till next week take care fellas!

Sandflies Results and News 02:43:44 pm, Categories: Bowling Club, Mens Results, General

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