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Monday, September 29, 2014

Ballina RSL Men's Bowling Club

Ballina RSL Men
The 50th Anniversary celebrations on Saturday was attended by over 100 members, distinguished guests and visitors.
Ballina Shire Mayor David Wright welcomed all and sundry to the day, Bowls NSW director Ian McKnight spoke of the challenges ahead for Bowls in general while retiring Member for Ballina Don Page addressed the future, youth engagement and member retention. The bowlers, all 86 of them, took to the greens for a three bowl triples medley after the official function on a sunny afternoon, in a sea of colour, for the social competition.

Sept 23: Super Tuesday Men's Triples:
Highest Score (2 wins): E Sellick, L Dimmock, W Rogan +22; Runner Up (2 wins): F Renner, L Prsa, F Wedesweiler +17; Third (2 wins): K Manion, B Davey, K Conlan +14; Highest score (1 win, 1 loss): G Wesley, A Garcia, T Hearn +9; Runner Up (1 win, 1 loss): R Jelfs, F Connors, M Crummy +6; Highest Score (2 losses): K Spearing, B Parr, G Partridge -9.

Sept 26: Mixed Pairs:
F Flick, C Ulrick 23 (Winners) d D Eggins, I Keats 20 (RU); R Soward, K McIlwain 25 d G McLean 11 (LL); K Elms, V Elams 18 d M Watson, R Watson 17; K Sommerville, M Debono 32 d F Renner, L Davis 10; M Anderson, L McIlwain 27 d M O'Neill, C Briand 16; B Proudfoot, T Hearn, P Dean 33 d J Lowry, R Jelfs, M Crummy 11.

Sept 27: 50th Anniversary Mixed Medley Triples:
L Sweatman, E Studley, M O'Neill, K Hill (Winners) d C Sweatman, J Vaubell, D Mackelman, R Marquardt 7; H Irwin, D Saines, L Kepple 16 (RU) d B Northfield, C Linder, E Linder (LL) 6; T Cheli, J Effix, N Taylor (LT) 22 d G Wesley, A Garcia T Hearn 4; K Soward, J Rae, I McKnight 22 d R Adams, M Harris, B Quail 10; A Langridge, F Flick, C Ulrick 12 d N Dunne, G Gauson, B Allen 10; P Dean, M BIddle, G Jarrett 21 b B Williams, R Ache, P Grill 3; K Spearing, M Lowe, H Willems 14 d R Walko, H Snell. J Kingsman 11; F Tranter, D Gregor, K Somerville 17 d M Anderson, L McIlwain, K McIlwain 12; V Lewis, R Elser, M Lewis 16 d P Gray, J Hollingsworth, L Cawley 8; J Harte, A Daley, L Davis 9 d J Busuttil, K Dennis, B Lewis 6; B Bennett, J Lowry, R Mostyn 15 d J Lane, F Somerville, N Lane 8; K Watts, S Edwards, R Reid 18 d M Soward, R Soward, C Beddoes 5; B Proudfoot, P Stephan, W Rogan 18 d B O'Grady, T Whyte, J Robinson 10; B Quinton, L Lewis, G Vaubell 18 d K Kilby, R Dutton, G McLean 11.
Major Triples Championship Final: Brett Fraser, Joe Shearman, Steve Mison 28 d Greg Danvers, Garry Scott, Patrick Kearney 18.
Zone One Rookie Singles:
Mark Walsh (Grafton Men's) 17 d Indi Conlan (Alstonville) 14; Mark Walsh (Grafton Men's) 17 d Alex Barbacetto (Cabarita Beach) 8; Mark Walsh (Grafton Men's) Zone One Rookies Singles Champion.

Sept 28: Zone One Club Champion of Champions Singles:
Ben McCall (South Lismore) 31 d Wayne McLeod (Grafton Men's) 23; Ben McCall (South Lismore) 31 d Troy Makin (Ocean Shores) 16; Zone One Club Champion of Champions Singles Champion: Ben McCall (South Lismore). Ben McCall will now play-off in the BowlsNSW State Club Champion of Champions Singles Finals in Nowra in early November.

Zone One Rookie Pairs:
Indi Conlan, Kit Conlan (Alstonville) 18 d Michael Herring, Robert Cooke (Burringbar) 7. James Laing, David Aktinston (Yamba) 11 d Michael Herring, Robert Cooke (Burringbar) 10; Indi Conlan, Kit Conlan (Alstonville) 22 d James Laing, David Aktinston (Yamba) 9;
Zone One Rookie Pairs Champions:
Indi and Kit Conlan (Alstonville). The Conlan twins will now play in the BowlsNSW State Rookies Pairs Finals at Raymond Terrace on November 1 and 2.

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Sandflies Results and News

The Sandflies took to the Army Green on Sunday as the NRDBA pairs and Singles took centre stage on the Air Force Green. Some very classy bowls getting played with the Alstonville wiz kids, Indi and Kit, taking out the pairs 24 to 9 and Benny McCall from the South Lismore Bowling Club winning the singles 31 to 16. The Sandflies aren't quite up in that league but still some excellent bowling. The green next door to us had a cluster of 4 bowls around the Kate and all were touching it, which was pretty good I thought and Darby Munro has taken a pic so will try and get it on the Ballina RSL Sandflies Facebook page if I can. While we are on Facebook check us out and give us a ‘like’ if you wish. Its pretty hard to get a lot of bowls on Facebook but recently the NRDBA has added a page which is shaping up good. The Ballina RSL Bowling Club and South Lismore Bowling Club has a good Facebook site along with Bowls NSW, Bowls Australia and most states. Its a great way to promote your club and its free which is a bonus off cause. The only hassle is it takes a bit to set up and update but its worth the effort I think. Winners on the day were on rink 8 and they were Little Joe, Dennis ‘Parker - Bowls’ Chapter and Kenny ‘Koala’ McIlwain just getting home 17 to 16 against Billy Inglis, John Dennis young Bobby Gibson. Bob’s team nearly got home sneaking in 6 in the last 3 ends but well done to Koala’s mob. Runners up were on rink 10 with Joey Shearman and Larry ‘Lizard’ Davis getting a 27 to 16 how do you do against Kenny Arthur and Patrick Kearney. All in good fun and coming up on the 12th of October we have the Shirts ‘v’ Skirts Day which is a excellent time where the lovely ladies of the Ballina RSL Women’s Bowling Club take on the Sandflies in this Champagne affair. Till next week take care fellas.

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Monday, September 22, 2014

Sandflies Results and News

The dust has settled since the big trip last Sunday to Brisbane and back which proved too much to do in one day I think. The Sandflies are just not as young as they used to be but the lads done good anyways. The bus drivers need a huge pat on the back seeing as they leave home base at 0600 (but have to pick up the bus and trailer the previous day and be up when some clowns are just going to bed ) in the morning with 23 little saints and come back with 2,000,000,000 devils with not a hint of laryngitis and all know the best short cuts back home from Brisbane. So now you have a driver who has both hands firmly attached to a steering wheel that is gasping for breath. Its one of those ‘ guess you had to be there’ situations but to me the poor old bus driver is an unsung hero who puts his name and life on the line every time they do the thankless job. So many thanks to the Sandflies bus drivers from the bottom of our hearts lads, I won't mention any names but you know whom I mean. Winners on the day was a pairs game on rink 10 of the Army Green and they were Allan Britt and Graham Alcorn getting 29 to 12 against Col Siviour and Joey Shearman. Runners up was another pairs game with Bruce Campbell and Lizard getting beat 23 to 17 by John Reed and Butch on rink 14. Home game next week and on the 12th of October is the much awaited Shirts ‘v’ Skirts day where the Sandflies take on the lovely lady’s from the Ballina RSL Women’s Bowling Club. Top day that one and the sheets are on the board for that and the return visit away to see the Burleigh Camels at Burleigh Heads on October 26. Till next week take care fellas

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Ballina RSL Men's Bowling Club

Sept 16:
Minor Pairs Championships Semi-Final: L McCann, F Wedesweiler 21 d B Parr, S Weller 11 (LL); Men's triples: D Wheatland, A Langridge, F Flick 25 (Winners) d J McLennan, P Stephan, J Curtis 22; E Sellick, L Dimmock, W Rogan 29 (RU) d N Maish, J Daley, T Kidd 17; M Armstrong, K Leo, P Greenwood 22 (LT) d P Connick, D Spencer, R Jelfs 19; A Gibson, N Lane, C Ulrick 21 (11 ends) d C Coleman, B Duniam, P Mazzer 21 (10); J Martin, F Connors, M Crummy 28 d L Hamilton, M Lowe, G Alcorn 12; G Wesley, A Garcia T Hearn 21 (11 ends) d B Gallagher, W Binney, M Anderson 21 (10); A Ramage, K McIlwain, M Debono 38 d B O'Grady, T Whyte, D Lee 10; V Elmes, E Linder, K Somerville 25 d P Dean, G Partridge, G Jarrett 12; G Carter, B Lewis, D Gregor d F Renner, G Danvers, L Prsa 13; J Lowry, K Arthur, D Hickey 17 d B Davey, K Manion, R Gibson 13.

Sept 19:
Crummy's Pairs: R Jelfs, M Debono 26 (Winners) d L Lewis, D Gregor 16; M O'Neill, C Ulrick 24 (RU) d T Hearn, J Curtis; R Soward, K McIlwain 29 b K Leo, G Jarrett 12 (LL); P Stephan, L McIlwain 25 d G McLean, W Rogan 19; J Lowry, M Crummy, K Somerville 41 d G Carter, W Binney, B Lewis 8.

Sept 20:
Mixed Pairs Championships: D Vaughan, C Pittman 26 d K McIlwain, R Phelps 14; J Lowry, B Bennett 26 d N Renner, F Renner 16; D Eggins, A Langridge 26 d B Parr, S Parr 10 (LL); Mixed Triples: A Marchment, G McLean, L Kostza 22 (Winners) d J Busuttil, M Soward, K Somerville; H Irwin, F Somerville, T Hearn 25 (RU) d G Wesley, M Biddle, L McIlwain 15; B Northfield, C Jones, R Marquardt 26 d N Craddock, M O'Neill, M Lewis 20; B Quinton, J Daley, N Lane 24 d L Keppie, D Saines, R Soward 16; A Daley, F Tranter, B Lewis 23 d R Dutton, K Dennis, J Robertson 21; R Esler, C Dart, W Binney 26 d D Macelman, V Lewis, D Lee 19.

Sept 21:
Minor Pairs Championship Semi-Final: M Lowe, K Spearing 22 d G Scott, P Kearney 21. Final on Tuesday 30 September (12:30pm): L McCann, F Wedesweiler v M Lowe, K Spearing. Zone 1 Club Champion of Champion Pairs: B Ashbrooke, I Dickenson (South Grafton) 23 d P Clarke, T Makin (Ocean Shores) 13; Final: B Ashbrooke, I Dickenson 28 d G Speers, G Pitts (South Lismore) 11.

Next Saturday (27 September)
is the 50th Anniversary Open Triples and celebrations. Names required ASAP for luncheon and bowls ($20 per head). Major Triples Championship Final (27 Sept): B Fraser, J Shearman, S Mison v G Danvers, G Scott, P Kearney.

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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Ballina RSL Men's Bowling Club

Sep 9; triples;
J Lyon, A Gibson, C Ulrick 26 (winners) d A Ramage,M Biddel, M Debono 15; L McCann, L Prsa, F Wedesweiler 32(RU) d B OGrady, T Whyte, D Lee 9; E Strong, N Armstrong, P Greenwood 17 d G Danvers, P Stephan, K Arthur 16; C Coleman, N Maish, P Mazzer 17 d E Sellick, L Dimmock, W Rogan 16; L Hamilton, J Fuller, G Alcorn 24 d M Lewis, D Hicks, W Harris 13; P Connick, B Parr, S Weller 18 d D Spencer, R Jelfs, K McIlwain 17; W McRae, D Gregor, W Yardy 22 d V Elmes, K Sommerville, L Stuart 12; B Gallaher, F Connors, M Crummy 32 d E Studley, J Martin, K Manion 6; D Ward, J Daley, T Kidd 29 d D Wheatland, A Langridge, F Flick 20; D Huett, D Gregor, G Carter 30 d G Wesley, A Garcia, B Lewis 21. Crummy Friday; F Flick, C Ulrick 23 d D Huett, D Gregor 12; R Jelfs, M Crummy 19 d E Studley, D Wheatland 11;K Mc Ilwain, B Jarrett 18 d K Sommerville, M Debono 16; G McLean, K Leo 12/18 d L McIlwain, D Hicks 9/18; P Weller, C Briand 19 d K Elmes, V Elmes 14; P Stephan, J Curtis 24 d F Renner, J Lyon 10;

Sep 12;
J Vaubel, K Dennis, D Hicks 25 d J Busuttil, V Lewis, R Marquardt 13; G Wesley, J Daley, T Whyte 20 d A Daley, D Saines, J Robinson 18; H Irwin, M Biddle, N Lane 16 d L Lewis, G McLean, K Sommerville 15;J Lowry, R Esler, M Lewis 19 d B Quinton, L Keppie, B Gallaher 11;R Dutton, G Vaubel, B Lewis 23 d K Kilby, M O Neill, J Hollingsworth 17;N Craddock, J Crick, B Bennett 22 d G Danvers, F Tranter, T Hearn 15; Minor Pairs; G Scott, P Kearney 27 d F Renner, T Hearn 7; M Lowe, K Spearing 19 d J Lowry, G Jarrett 17; L McCann, F Wedesweiler 22 d D Huett, L Davis 13; B Parr, S Weller 19 d L Dimmock, W Rogan 18; Spring Carnival Mixed Pairs; S & G Grady +25 winners; F Tranter, K Sommerville +16 second; M & Dick Gregor +14 third; L & K McIlwain +13 fourth; 1st Round; D Eggins, W Rogan +12; 2nd Round; J Lowry, B Bennet +15; Mixed Triples; Winners; F Tranter, K Sommerville W Harris +16; E Griffin, L Smith, K Conlon +16 second; P Weller, S Weller, F Smith +11 third; G Danvers, K Williams, F Wedesweiler +8 fourth; !st Round; M Watson, F Flick, R Watson +14; 2nd Round; K Dennis, A Marchment, D Lee +12.

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