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Monday, November 24, 2014

Ballina RSL Men's Bowling Club

18 NOV;
M.Greenhalgh, A.Waldron, F.Reardon 25 (winners) d F.Flick, G.Scott, P.Kearney 12; L.Hamilton, G.Alcorn, J.Fuller 22 (R/U) d S.Weller, B.Parr, G.Partridge 19; N.Maish, J.Daley, T.Kidd 21 (LT) d B.Proudfoot, G.Jarrett, D.Gregor 18; P.Miles, D.Hickey, F.Wedesweiler 24 d A.ramage, M.Gray, M.DeBono 14 (LL); F.Renner, F.Connors, M.Crummy 32 d P.Greenwood, P.Connick, J.Shearman 10; B.McRae, Dick Gregor, C.Ulrick 26 d J.Lowry, K.Arthur, C.Dart 8; J.Busuttil, M.Biddle, W.Binney 22 d K.Manion, K.Spearing, B.Lewis 17; G.Wesley, T.Hearn, A.Bailey 29 d M.Armstrong, R.Jelfs, K.McIlwain 19; B.Davey, B.Gallaher, D.Hicks 23 d E.Studley, J.Martin, R.Gibson 26; B.OGrady, T.Whyte, D.Lee 31 d C.Coleman, B.Duniam, P.Mazzer 25; R.Campbell, R.Soward, W.Wyatt 26 d E.Sellick, L.Dimmock, W.Rogan 10.

21 NOV;
P.Stephan, J.Curtiss 24 (winners) d D.Macleman, K.McIlwain 12; G.Jarrett, B.Gallaher 27 (R?U) d P.Weller, S.Weller 17; R.Jelfs, M.Crummy 24 (L/T) d M.Biddle, T.Hearn 21; L.Lewis, B.Lewis
21 E.Studley, G.McLean 19(LL), M.Gray, M.DeBono 18 d F.Flick,L.McIlwain 15; D.Eggins, W.Rogan 22 d J.Cox, P.Cox 14.

22 NOV;
B.Quinton, M.Soward. W.Binney 20 (winners) d J.Vaubel, M.Riches, N.Lane 19; G.McLean, T.Hearn 23 (R/U) d N.Dunstone, B.Lewis 11;E.Studley, K.Dennis, R.Soward 24 d J.Busuttil, J.Crick, R.Marquardt 7 (LL); G.Wesley, D.Strong, J.Hollingsworth 33 d E.Strong, G.Vaubel, J.Robertson 13;B.OGrady, T.Riches, M.Gray 26 d N.Craddock, D.Saines D.Lee 7.

Mixed Fours Championships;
M.ONeill, M.Watson, D.Gregor, R.Watson 21 d J.Lowry, B.Bennett, C.Briand, C.Ulrick 20; P.Weller, D.Vaughn, S.Weller, C.Pitman 23 d G.Weir, F.Flick, D.Eggins, A.Langridge 19.

Ballina RSL Men's Bowling Club 10:55:18 am, Categories: Bowling Club, Mens Results, General

Sandflies Results and News

Uncle Fester’s pussy seems to be on the Sandflies rumour page at the moment with it being put on a diet after some massive weight gain. So say its 6 and others at least 12 little pussy’s but Uncle Fester wont have a bar of that. Some even have names picked out for the Fox Street vixon who has kept the neighbour hood awake with the romantic cat fights for some time now. Going to be great to see the look on Uncle Festers brother in laws face when he comes to pick up his pussy, being minded by Uncle Fester and also gets a box full of multi coloured paws and claws. Be some fur flying that day one can bet. Pretty hot and muggy day on Sunday but again the gentle 30 knot sea breeze kept things under control and around 26c. The boys also kept the fluids up off cause and on rink 3 of the Navy Green we had the winners on the day but that was only after a count back with both teams being 19 all. 11 to 10 was the difference in the end so a very close game with Peter Harley, young Bobby Gibson and Hon. Secretary Patrick Kearney just getting up just over Johnny Lowry, Graham Alcorn and Bowls Organiser Steve Mison. Runners up were on rink 2 with Peter Brent, Col Siviour and Garry Simon getting beat on the day by Little Joe, Gordon Jarrett and Butch 24 to 14. Trip away on Sunday when we team up with the Alstonville Mafia in The State of Origin where we take on the Robina Rebels and the Musgrave Maulers in the NSW Bed Bugs ‘v’ the QLD Crutch Crabs 2nd game of the 4 game event. Some very constructive scoring is expected from Peter Coulson with NSW odd’s on to take out this day. Bus leaves around 0815. Till next week take care fellas.

Sandflies Results and News 10:52:04 am, Categories: Bowling Club, Mens Results, General

Monday, November 17, 2014

Sandflies Results and News

Pretty sad to hear our old mate, Eric Burgess, is really crook. Eric is a 100% gentleman who teamed up with bad luck over the past half a dozen years and one would shake his head at Eric's misfortunes. Eric is knocking on the pearly gates and but what will be our great loss, will be a gain for the final bowling green and club house in the sky. A champion man with that huge smile and will be dearly missed and if I can say especially by his best mate, Johnny Burrows. Another of our Sandflies is crook in Lismore Base and that's Cam Reynolds. Not as bad as Eric thank God but still doing it a bit tough at the moment. The Sandflies send their best wishes to Cam and family and lets hope he can get home for Christmas. On a happier note winners on the day were on rink 2 of the excellent Navy Green being the one and only Frank Renner supporting a great Movember, Joey Shearman and Nifty Nev Dunne getting up against Dennis ‘parker-bowls’ Shapter, Spearo and Treasurer Alby Waldron 22 to 16 in a tidy little event. Runners up were on rink 4 with Col Siviour, Chris Dart and the Lennox Legend Johnny Burrows getting beat on the day by Kenny Arthur, Mrs Parker’s little boy Johnny and Peter Tootell 30 to 18. Next week is a home game again and then game 2 of the State of Origin with the NSW Bed Bugs ‘v’ QLD Crutch Crabs being played at the home of the Alstonville Mafia. This game can only be described as ‘full on’ in the lighter use of the text and looking forward to that one. Till next week take care fellas.

Sandflies Results and News 10:20:49 am, Categories: Bowling Club, Mens Results, General

Ballina RSL Men's Bowling Club

11 NOV;
J.Lowry, K.Arthur, C.Dart 38 (winners) d E.Studley, J.Martin, R.Gibson 12; D.Huett, D.Gregor, R.Watson 22(R/U) d B.Proudfoot, G.Jarrett, P.Dean 21; B.Davey, B.Gallaher, D.Hicks 23 d G.Carter, T.Stabb, A.Gibson 13(LL); G.Wesley, A.Garcia, T.Hearn 20 d G.Danvers, C.Macklin, B.Lewis 17; D.Wheatland, A.Langridge, F.Flick 26 d P.Connick, G.Scott P.Kearney 11; R.Campbell, R.Soward, C.Beddoes 27 d P.Miles, L.Prsa, F.Wedesweiler 22; K.Spearing, L.Hamilton, J.Fuller 30 d M.Biddle, W.Binney, M.Anderson 12; N.Maish, J.Daley, T.Kidd 22 d E.Strong, P.Stephan, J.Curtis 19; A.Ramage, M.Gray, M.DeBono 28 d F.Renner, F.Connors, M.Crummy 16; E.Sellick, L.Dimmock, W.Rogan 23 d Dick Gregor, C.Ulrick, B.McRae 17; P.Greenwood, J.Shearman, N.Lane 25 d B.OGrady, T.Whyte, D.Lee 22; S.Weller, B.Parr, D.Hickey 22 d K.Manion, R.Jelfs, A.Bailey 17.

14 NOV;
D.McLean, B.Gallaher 23(winners) d M.Biddle, C.Briand 15 (LL); D.Eggins, W.Rogan 33 d M & R. Watson 5; M.Gray, M.DeBono 29 d D.Huett, D.Gregor 14; B.Proudfoot, P.Dean 31 d P.Stephan, J.Curtis 9; R.Jelfs, T.Hearn, M.Crummy 23 d E.Studley, G.Danvers, G. Jarrett 14.

15 NOV;
J.Vaubel, B.Lewis,D.Hicks 20 (winners) d M.Surman, T.Whyte, K.Hill 16; E.Strong, N.Dunstone, T.Hearn 17 (R/U) d K.Dennis, B.Gallaher, J.Robertson 16; N.Craddock, M.ONeill, M.Gray 22 d D.Strong, M.Riches, L.Kostza 6 (LL); J.Busuttil, V.Lewis, D.Lee 20 d G.Vaubel, T.Riches, R.Soward 14.

Championship Mixed Triples Final;
D.Eggins, A.Waldron, H.Willems 31 d J.Lowry, B.Bennett, C.Ulrick 20. Cogratulations Dot, Alby & Hans

Ballina RSL Men's Bowling Club 10:16:18 am, Categories: Bowling Club, Mens Results, General

Monday, November 10, 2014

Ballina RSL Men's Bowling Club

4 Nov;
B.Proudfoot, M.Gray, M.DeBono 23 (winners) d V.Elms, B.Lewis, D.Hickey 15;E.Sellick, D.Gregor, W.Rogan 23 (R/U) d S.Weller, B.Parr, G.Partridge 18; J.Lowry, K.Arthur, C.Dart 28 d J.Busutill, K.Manion, W.Binney 21(LT); M.Biddle, N.Lane, D.Hicks 26 d B.Davey, E.Studley, R.Gibson 16 (LL); B.Gallaher, Dick Gregor, C.Ulric 22 d G.Danvers, F.Wedesweiler, L.Koszta 20; D.Huett, K.Somerville, A.Bailey 33 d B.OGrady, T.Whyte, D.Lee 8; J.Reed, L.Hamilton, J.Fuller 20 d F.Renner, F.Connors, M.Crummy 7; D.Wheatland, A.Langridge, F.Flick 24 d R.Soward, R.Campbell, W.Wyatt 18.

7 Nov;
M.Gray, M.DeBono 23 (winners) d M.ONeill, B.Gallaher 11; B.McRae, Dick Gregor 38 (R/U) d P.Weller, S.Weller 11; B.Proudfoot, P.Dean 27 d F.Flick, G.Jarrett 14 (LL); M.Biddle, D.Eggins, W.Rogan 25 d M.Crummy, M.Watson, R.Watson 13.

8 Nov;
R.Ester, D.Eggins, N.Lane 28 (R/U) d D.Macleman, J.Daley, R.Marquardt 11; B.Northfield, T.Whyte B.Lewis 21 d N.Craddock, M.Lewis, J.Robertson 8 (LL); T.Kilby, M.Riches. M.Gray 20 d M.Gleason, J.Raeburn, M.Gale 19; K.Dennis, B.Gallaher 27 d D.Howe, D.Hicks 21; J.Vaubel, M.Soward, N.Dunstone 33 d J.Lane, M.ONeill, W.Binney 17; D.Strong, G.Vaubel, D.Lee 27 d G.Wesley, J.Crick, B.Nelson 13; J.Busuttil, V.Lewis, R.Soward 31 d E.Strong, T.Riches, K.Hill 12.

Championship Mixed Triples;
J.Lowry, B.Bennett, C.Ulric 16(winners) d M.Watson, F.Flick, R.Watson 14.

Ballina RSL Men's Bowling Club 11:30:19 am, Categories: Bowling Club, Mens Results, General

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