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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Ballina RSL Sandflies Bowls Club

As usual the sun came out for a brilliant sunday morning of skilled bowls last weekend. With most of the executive away on a "junket" to Mungindi we still had 20 players turn out for some spirited competition. Warren Thatcher and John Nasser were competing in the zone rookie pairs on the adjacent green, winning their first game and just going down in their next , congratulations on making the final, a huge achievement.
The greens were in excellent order as usual enjoyed by the zone players and our winners of the day Gary Simon and Chris " Bullseye" Dart defeating Dennis Shapter and Garry Cross. Runners up were new boy John Harley, Ken "wet willie" Arthur and Peter Tootel who went down to the combination of "Big" Joe Busuttil, Bruce Davey and Ken "Koala" MciLwain.
Up coming events include the Shirts vs Skirts day on the 11th October and the away game to Burleigh Heads on the 25th of Oct, next week is a home game.

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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Ballina RSL Sandflies Bowls Club

Congratulations from the Sandflies must go to Mr. Happy himself, Warren Thatcher, on winning the District Rookie Singles. Warren then teamed up with another one of the Sandflies, Johnny Nasser, and took out the District Rookie Pairs in what can only be described as a highlight in both lads short bowling career. Was talking to Warren yesterday arvo and he will need to eat a bag of lemons to wipe that grin of his dial. Well done to both gentleman and couldn’t of happen to two nicer blokes. President Col and Treasurer Alby bunged on a free BBQ and a few hours of beer and that certainly put a grin on the rest of the Sandflies faces after being washed out during a game for the first time in yonks. Col, Alby and rest of the committee rewarded the Sandflies in attendance for turning up every week and there is more of them comin up too. Winners on the day were on rink 9 with the new young 14 year old lad and winning his first trophy it teams play Issac Nelson ( got me ass kick for spellin his name with one ’s’ last time), Greg Danvers and Alfredo Garcia getting up against Roger the Yank, Lexy Hamilton and Butch Mostyn. Runners up were on rink 11 with Scam McCann, Mal Lowe and Stewie Weller getting beat on the day by Gary Simon, Bobby Gibson and Mad Irish. Home game next week and on the 11th of October the Sandflies take on the ladies of the Ballina RSL Women’s Bowling Club in the annual Shirts “v” Skirts Day and the 'Wolf Whistles' might be banned this year but we will see. Thanks to Mrs. Parkers little boy Johnny and Alby for cooking on the barbie. Till next week take care fellas.

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Ballina RSL Mens Bowls Club

Tuesday 15 Sep: B Brown,D Brown,W Rogan 16 (winners) d B O’Grady,T Whyte,K Hill 14;M Biddle,K Somerville,A Bailey 28 (runner up) d P Greenwood,B Gallaher,F Flick 11;L Davis,J Dennis,A Gibson 17 (lucky team) d P Dean,B Proudfoot,G Jarrett 13;J Lowry,K Arthur,C Ulrick 16 d V Elmes,K McIlwain,A Langridge 14 (lucky loser);D Huett,R Jelfs,R Watson 21 d E Sellick,L Dimmock,T Kidd 18;G Wesley,A Garcia,T Hearn 19 d P Cawley,N Lane,M Crummy 16;L Hamilton,G Alcorn,L Shearman 21 d M Lloyd,M Gray,M DeBono 13;P Connick,B Gibson,J Martin 27 d B Parr,S Weller,G Partridge 16;D Hicks,B McRae,L Bartlett 24 d J Busuttil,G Danvers L Koszta 15;C Dart,F Wedesweiler 21 d B Duniam,F Trott,P Mazzer 16.
Sayurday 19 Sep:D Howe,G Vaubell,J Dennis 26 (winners) d B Northfield,C Jones,D Strong 10;B Willis,J Daley,G Jarrett 25 (runner up) d J Vaubell,B Nesbitt,R Marquardt 20;L Keppie,W Rogan 30 d M Lewis,M O;Neill 22;A Marchment,R Soward 30 d M Soward,J Busuttil 22;K Kilby,C Dart, B Bennett 18 d V Cross,R Dutton,R Jelfs 14.
Club Championships:Mixed pairs;J Hollingsworth,W Binney 21 d D Saines,A Waldron 14;F Somerville,K Somerville 25 d D Vaughn,C Pittman 17;L McIlwain,K McIlwain 27 d D Eggins,A Langridge 12;B Nelson,S Mison 21 d V Lewis,T Hearn 12.

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Friday, September 18, 2015

Ballina RSL Junior Bowls


In the last week of the Spring School Vacation Issac Nelson and Liam Hawkins will contest the inaugural AeroBOWLS Canal Road Junior Tournament on the greens where they learnt to play Lawn Bowls.

The youngsters took up Bowls earlier this year during the Ballina RSL Bowling Club’s Youth Development Program and have progressed to the point where they are Junior Members, the first for the Club in around a decade.

Not since Josh Greenhalgh, Scott Gibson, Reece Wilson, Luke Clifford and Darryl Mison played for Ballina RSL Bowling Club has the Club had junior male members.

Nelson, 11 and Hawkins 13, will play in the Junior Singles that commence on Monday 28 September, with semi-finals and finals on Tuesday 29 September.

They will be partners in the Junior Pairs to be played on Thursday 1 October and Friday 2 October.

The week long Tournament has attracted Junior Bowlers from far and wide with a group of six travelling from the New England, others are coming from Sawtell, Burleigh Heads and Jindalee, west of Brisbane. Entries are still open.

“Keen interest has been shown by junior bowlers from around New South Wales and South East Queensland along with juniors from the Northern Rivers and Bowls Far North Coast,” said Greg Danvers - Tournament Manager.

After two-days of Singles the juniors will team up with seniors for the Junior/Senior Pairs Social Day on Wednesday 30 September.

Some will play with parents or grand parents but the highlight for four selected players will be the opportunity to play with two of Australia’s elite.

“Australian Team members Brett Wilkie and Mark Casey have confirmed they will play on Wednesday and then conduct a coaching clinic later in the day,” Danvers said.

“Staff from Kelvin Kerkow’s Bowls World at Burleigh Heads, our major sponsor, will be at the Club on the Wednesday with a range of AeroBOWLS and merchandise.”

On the Thursday and Friday the Junior Pairs will be contested and overall the Prize Pool currently stands at $3180.00.

“I would like to thank our sponsors, particularly AeroBOWLS and Kelvin Kerkow’s Bowls World at Burleigh Heads,” said Rex Soward - Tournament Director.

“Also many thanks to Akubra Hats, and the Bowls Clubs: Ballina RSL Men’s Club, Ballina RSL Women’s Club, Ballina RSL Sandflies and an individual donor who wishes to remain anonymous.”

Liam Hawkins with coach GUNNER WESLEY

Photo: Liam Hawkins with coach GUNNER WESLEY
Liam Hawkins with coach GUNNER WESLEY

photo: Issac Nelson

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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Ballina RSL Sandflies Bowls Club

The Ballina RSL Sandflies turned the greens over again on Sunday to Blue McNally and his Navy mates for the annual TC Lismore fundraiser. This Naval Training Base in Ballina is for the kids of the area and what a well mannered bunch. The money made by the hard working Blue’s team all goes to the TC Lismore with no administration cost taken out. With the major sponsors, Ballina Cruise and Travel donating $500, Guardian Funerals $350, Both the Shawsie and Slipway Hotels $200 each and around 15 other minor donations which all added to this very worthy cause. The attendance on the day was fantastic and I was proud as punch to see so many locals give up there Sunday morning to make this day what it really is. It had to be a win win for the TC Lismore cadets and staff, the Ballina RSL Bowling Club and Blue McNally who puts in countless hours of his very busy life to get this day to where it is and well done Blue! Next Sunday morning we have a BBQ and treasurer Alby may put his hand in his pocket for a few hours. Not sure but maybe ok. Till next week take care fellas.

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