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Tuesday, February 24, 2015


A very nasty lady washed out play on Sunday however upset more people then us and in a real big way. Its also put most clubs championships and the local pennants into chaos and bowls organisers are goin bald by the fist full. The Sandflies President and former South Sydney great Col ‘buggsy’ Pittman said there is not much you can do about the weather and just plan around it. Pretty good call for a bloke who dont even own a rain coat. The Sandflies will be affected by the rain on the weekend as next Sunday a lot of regular Sandflies Sunday morning players will be tied up playing pennants next Sunday due to the washed out last Saturdays which will leave the Sandflies with just a few games to run on Sunday morning.

The Sandflies are tied up in all of the Ballina RSL 3 pennant grades I think there is around 30 Sandflies playing in them. Not to worry and if the Sandflies didn't want to play pennants they wouldn't put their names down in the first place but have the Ballina RSL Bowling Club at heart as always and it showed last year when the 6 grade took out the Zone 1 flag and done proud in the play offs.

Home game next week and we have a visit from the Bribie Island Vets coming down on the 8th of March with 40 add bowlers so we will need all the Sandflies we can get. Till next week take care fellas.

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17 FEB
F.Renner L.Prsa F.Wedesweiler 23 (winners) d S.Turner J Daley T Kidd 16 (LL); F Connors J Lyon P Connick 19 (R/U) d K Mannion K Arthur C Dart 16; B O'Grady T Whyte K Hill 22 d G Wesley A Garcia T Hearn 18 (L/T); R Soward C Beddoes W Wyatt 26 d B Proudfoot P Stephan D Hickey 15; R.Gibson E.Studley J Martin 30 d G Carter M Armstrong W Binney 25; D Huett D Gregor R Watson 22 d K Somerville L Stuart A Bailey 16; G Danvers K Spearing C Macklin 29 d B Davey D Spencer K McIlwain 19; C Coleman B Duniam P Mazzer 24 d J Lowry L Bartlett Dick Gregor 13; D Wheatland K Wilson F Flick 29 d J Busuttil A.Gibson B Gallaher 11; A Ramage M Gray M DeBono 21 d S Weller B Parr G Partridge 12; N Lane B Lewis C Ulrick 28 d E Sellick L Dimmock W Rogan 17.

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Monday, February 16, 2015


Cant really complain about the hot muggy weather as at least the Sundays game wasn't washed out like Saturday’s game with only the Championships being played in the rain. Even with all the rain happening at the moment the greens are running excellent and full credit goes out to the main man Duncan Elphic who puts many hours in along with heaps of pride in his job, so many thanks to him and his offsider, Maude.
Winners on the day were on rink 3 of the Navy Green with Greg Danvers, Kenny Arthur and Treasurer Alby Waldron getting up on the day against Peter Harley, Laurie McCann and Stewie Weller 30 to 14. Poor old Stewie couldnt take a trick but next time he will you can bet on that.
Runners up was next door on rink 4 with Lexy Hamilton, Col Siviour and former South Sydney great Col ‘buggsy’ Pittman getting done on the day by John Dennis, Gordon Jarrett and Larry ‘ lizard’ Davis 17 to 23.
Best wishes go out to two Sandflies in dry dock with Cam Reynolds hopefully on the mend after a cancer scare and Mrs. Parker’s little boy Johnny doing it a bit tuff after a double hernia op.
They both have lovely wives looking after them so things could be a lot worse I guess. Next week is the Annual Duncan’s ‘Bar ‘v’ Bears Day where the Tintenbar East Ballina Cricket Club take on the Ballina Bears with the Sandflies mixing it with them in a friendly winner takes all bragging rights for the year event. Top day this one and worth while getting involved thats for sure. Cost for the day is $10.00 and includes Green Fees and a BBQ which is put on by the Cricket Clubs.
A great bunch of fun loving sportsman who love a cold ale on a hot day. Hope to see you there for a game or just come down to the Ballina RSL Bowling Club in Canal Road for a beer and have a look. Till next week take care fellas.

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3 Feb
B.O’Grady,T.Whyte,K.Hill 31 (R/U) d E.Studley,J.Martin,B.Gibson 5; G.Carter,E.Sellick,W.Rogan 23 d B.Proudfoot,G.Jarrett,P.Dean 17 (LT); M.Armstrong,L.Bartlett,Dick Gregor 25 D D.Wheatland,A.Langridge,F.Flick 10 (LL); P.Stephan,K.Somerville,A.Bailey 25 d F.Connors,J.Lyon,M.Crummy 16; S.Turner,J.Daley,T.Kidd 22 d G.Wesley,A.Garcia,T.Hearn 10; M.Biddle,E.Linder,Don Gregor 21 d P.Connick,J.Busuttil,D.Spencer 13; S.Weller,G.Partridge,C.Ulrick 22 d G.Danvers,K.Spearing,C.Macklin 17; K.Manion,R.Soward,C.Beddoes 31 d J.Lowry,K.Arthur,D.Hicks 8; P.Greenwood,B.Lewis,J.Shearman 24 d A.Ramage,R.Jelfs,M.DeBono 18

6 Feb
J.Lyon,R.Soward 30 d B.Proudfoot,G.Jarrett 14; E.Studley,D.Wheatland 19 d T.Hearn,M.Crummy 9; L.McIlwain,F.Flick 21 (winners) d M & R.Watson 13; P.Stephan,D.Huett 26 d J.Lowry,Dick Gregor 19; P.Weller,G.Weir 19 d A.Ross,M.O’Neill 17; K.Somerville,Don Gregor 30 (R/U) d D.Eggins,W.Rogan 14; S.Weller,B.Fiedler 29 d K.McIlwain,B.Gallaher 18(LL).
Major Pairs Championships; C.Dart,F.Wedesweiler 25 d K.McIlwain,S.Mison 9; B.Gallaher,W.Binney 21 d D.Huett,R.Watson 13; M.Gray,M.DeBono 22 d G.McLean,R.Mostyn 10.

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Monday, February 2, 2015

Sandflies Results and News

Great greens, a great committee and a great club made for a great Old Mates Day held at the Ballina RSL Bowling Club on Sunday.

Got up on Monday morning to do this report and I couldn't read my notes from Sunday with all the winners etc. The rock paintings at Broome would make more sense. You can take my word for it that is was a top day and the Sandflies took out the day over all with +68 point and it was more then half of the next club.
Old Mates Day is made up of 5 Bowling Clubs from the local area and they are the Ballina RSL Sandflies, Alstonville Mafia, Lismore Heights Stirrers, Kyogle Turkeys, and the Cane Toads plus the Galah Bars from Condong Bowling Club. The Burringbah Bush Ticks, Broadwater and Lennox fill in when required. Just been told that the winners on the day were Stewie Weller, You little Prsa and Gary Simon with a +28.

Also Johnny Lowry, fearless Freddy Flick and Hans Willems got the first round win with a +22. Sorry about the rest but if I find out I will try and get it in the report for next week. Bruce Stacey, a former long time director at the Ballina RSL Club started of Old Mates day and it was held at the Ballina RSL Bowling Club every year until it was decided it should be passed around to all clubs involved. A famous saying from Bruce , who was getting on in years at the time, when he was buying a nice set of knives and forks and the bloke floggin them off said that they come with a ‘lifetime guarantee’. Bruce said why would he need that as he doesn't even buy green bananas.

The next Old Mates Day is at Alstonville on the first day in February. Till next week take care fellas.

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