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Wednesday, April 1, 2015


24 Mar: Super Tuesday; Hi plus score 2 wins; R Soward, C Beddoes, W Wyatt +34; R/U P Kearney, G Scott, G Simon +20; 3rd, D Huett, D Gregor, R Watson +8; Hi plus score 1 win 1 loss;G Wesley, A Garcia, T Hearn +17; R/U D Wheatland, A Langridge, F Flick +10; Best score 2 losses; G Carter, W Binney –6.
27 Mar: F Renner, D Gregor 22 (winners) d P Stephan, D huett 16; N Lane, R Watson 19 R/U d R Soward, T Hearn 13; R Jelfs, M Crummy 27 d B Ryan, W Binney 12; M O’Neill, B Gallaher 18 d B Proudfoot, P Dean 16; M Gray, M DeBono 28 d E Studley, D Hicks 14.
28 Mar; E Strong, R Soward 28 (winners) d K Dennis, C Dart 10; J Vaubell, J Daley, N Lane 26 (R/U) d K Kilby, D Strong, G Moor 15; N Craddock, T Riches, J Robertson 25 d A Daley, M Soward, M Lewis 16; A Mathews, T Whyte, V Lewis 19 d M O’Neill, D Howe 14; J Lane, M Riches, G Carter 14 d F Tranter, G Vaubell, N Dunstone 14 c/b; B O’Grady, D Saines,R Marquadt 19 d J Busuttil, F Somerville, B Gallaher 16.

MENS BOWLS RESULTS 03:29:56 pm, Categories: Announcements [A]


Many thanks to Bowls Organiser Steve Mison for the scones, wiped cream and home made Strawberry Jam washed down with a stubby of XXXX gold Sunday morning when the Ballina RSL Sandflies were doing the Sunday morning preparations. Must also mention Butch Mostyn’s team in the 5th grade who got a 8 pin on Saturday in the Pennants on Saturday. Just happened to be in that team and all 8 bowls were within a meter of the Kate. Never seen that before in a Pennant game and was great to see all involved with their chests stuck out with some sorta pride. Poor old Billy Inglis who is clockin around 93 had a sleep in on Sunday morning. Reconds he was on a promise but he best buy a new alarm clock according to Albert. Winners on the day were visitor Ron Konza and his mate Larry’ lizard’ Davis in a close game against Peter Harley and Alfredo Garcia with a 21 to 18. Well done to them all. Runners up was on rink 9 of the Army Green and they were Graeme Alcorn and the former South Sydney Great and Sandflies President Col Pittman getting a 26 to 19 event against Gordon Jarrett and Patrick Kearney. Great to see two top leads battling it out and a pleasure to watch and thats for sure.. Will be away for a few weeks and top fella ‘…call me anything you like but don’t call me Timmy’ Taylor will be doing the yap and that should be with waiting for. Tim is a nice young bloke whom has come out of his shell under the watchfull eye of Mrs. Parker’s little boy Johnny and Uncle Fester. You can see the Ballina RSL Sandflies on Facebook and some great pic’s. Sort of a +M yarn but all in good faith. Till I get home in a few, take care fellas.

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Monday, March 16, 2015

Mens Bowling Club Results

10 Mar: L Bartlett, C Sorrentino, Dick Gregor 24 (winners) d V Elmes, P Stephan, F Wedesweiler 23 (LL); L Stuart, K Somerville, A Bailey 24 d D Wheatland, D Huett, F Flick 20 (LL); T Whyte, K Hill, B O’Grady (R/U) 26 d D Spencer, K McIlwain, M Armstrong 18; S Turner, J Daley, T Kidd 21 d F Reardon, B Fraser, C Pittman 21 (C/B); P Connick, M Biddle, G McPhail 26 d G Wesley, A Garcia, T Hearn 13B Lewis, M Gray, M DeBono 26 d B Proudfoot, K Arthur,P Dean 13; F Renner, P Greenwood, J Shearman 25 d R Gibson, E Studley, J Martin 22; G Danvers, K Spearing, C Macklin 21 d S Weller, B Parr, G Partridge 10; J Lowry, B Gallaher, C Ulrick 25 d J Busuttil, C Beddoes, W Wyatt 23; G Carter, L Dimmock, W Rogan 21 d A Gibson, D Gregor, A Langridge 11; C Coleman, B Duniam, P Mazzer 19 d L Hamilton, J Read, J Fuller 18; F Connors, J Lyon, M Crummy 21 d K Mannion, E Linder 18.
13 Mar: J Harte, L Davis 15 (winners) d L Lewis, B Lewis 11; F Renner, J Lyon 23 (R/U) d P Stephan, D Huett 16; M Crummy T Hearn 28 d R Jelfs, D Hicks 9; D Eggins, W Rogan 32 d B Proudfoot, P Dean 9; M Gray, M DeBono 32 d W Binney, K Somerville 10; L McIlwain, F Flick 26 d K McIlwain, B Gallaher 15.
14 Mar: M Surman, K Dennis, J Hollingsworth 26 (winners) d J Vaubell, R Ester, M Lewis 15; J Daley, B Lewis 22 d R Dutton, R Marquardt 19 (LL); L Keppie, B Gallaher 19 d T Stubbs, T Anderson 18; A Mathews, D Howe, J Robertson 45 d J Busuttil, G Vaubell, V Lewis 5.
Championship Major Pairs; C Dart, F Wedesweiler 24 d M Greenhalgh, C Pittman 14.

Mens Bowling Club Results 03:44:36 pm, Categories: Announcements [A]


A perfect Sunday morning greeted the Sandflies along with a excellent Navy Green prepared to perfection by Greenkeeper Duncan Elphic. Must pass on a comment given last week by the visiting Bribie Island mob. Their preso come over to our table on Saturday morning when the bus had just got in and he asked if the greens were carpet and some wit said “… carpets from heaven…” and how true that was as to Duncan’s credit the greens are a picture to behold - and thats the 3 greens. Not trying to embarrass the lad at all but I am a great believer in giving credit to where credit is due so well done to him from the Sandflies. Winners were on rink 4 and they were Johnny Reed, Larry ‘ lizard ‘ Davis and former South Sydney great Col ‘ Buggsy ‘ Pittman getting up 24 to 20 against Graham Alcorn, Greg Danvers and young Bobby Gibson. Runners up were next door and they were visitor Duncan Burns, Kenny Arthur and Gary Simon just getting pipped at the post by Steve Gibson, Peter Harley and Patrick Kearney 13 to 17. Sheets on the board for two trips away. One to Bribie Island on the 27th and 28th of June and that a weekender. At around $150.00 gets you the bus, Motel over night, green fees Saturday and Sunday and a BBQ breakfast and lunch on Sunday. The bus usally stops at Yatala Pies for a half hour break. Great value and a great weekend away. The other trip is to Maclean Bowling Club for a day trip on the 16th of August and its $25.00 for that one and that includes the bus, green fees and lunch. Next week is a home game. Till next week take care fellas.

SANDFLIES NEWS 03:44:03 pm, Categories: Announcements [A]

Tuesday, March 10, 2015


3 March
K McIlwain D Spencer M Armstrong 21 (winners) d B Gibson J Busutill J Martin 20 (LL); J Curtiss P Stephan N Lane 19 (LT) d B OGrady T Whyte K Hill 16; R Jelfs K Manion E Linder (RU) d P Greenwood B Lewis J Shearman 18; F Renner P Miles L Prsa 22 d R Soward C Beddoes W Wyatt 20; A Ramage M Gray M DeBono 23 d G Danvers K Spearing C Macklin 19; F Connors J Lyon M Crummy 15 d B Proudfoot K Arthur G Jarrett 14; L Stuart K Somerville A Bailey 33 d G Carter E Sellick W Rogan 18; P BZ T Ives G McPhail 34 D Wheatland A Langridge F Flick 17; G Wesley A Garcia T Hearn 24 d C Coleman B Duniam P Mazzer 19; D Huett D Gregor R Watson 17 d J Reid L Hamilton J Fuller 14; M Biddle B Gallaher 23 d P Connick A Gibson 8; J Lowry C Ulrick G Grady 36 d S Weller B Parr G Partridge 9.
6 March
P Weller S Weller 24 (winners) d M Crummy T Hearn 17; F Flick G Jarrett 25 (RU) d B Proudfoot P Dean 20; M O’Neill B Gallaher 22 d C Briand W Rogan 14 (LL); D Huett P Stephan 24 d J Lyon R Soward 15; G Weir G McPhail K Somerville 43 d E Studley K McPhail D Hicks 7; M Gray K McIlwain 22 d M Anderson L McIlwain 17.

MENS BOWLS RESULTS 11:36:02 am, Categories: Announcements [A]

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