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Monday, December 15, 2014

Sandflies Results and News

The Sandflies held their Christmas party on Sunday morning and a very merry time was had by all. Even Santa Clause - 'Dont call me Timmy' - rocked up and stripped down to the bowls gear for his annual game with the Sandflies. Not dobbing anyone in but he had a bit of a wobbly boot when he left but he had Mrs. Clause pick him up which is the right thing to do. The old fella certainly likes a good time but behaves in a sort of Aussie manner like perving on the barmaids and lady guests at the club, swears his head of like a trooper, tells dirty jokes and generally melts in like one of the Sandflies. He even put Spearo to shame. After the game and before the sit down lunch of King Prawns, Mud Crabs and salads, former South Sydney Great and Sandflies President, Col Pittman, presented the Sandflies Triples Trophy, which was played last week, to Bob Davey, David Hicks -up and skip Gary Simon who thrashed Mrs. parker’s little boy Johnny, Billy Inglis and the black fella 36 to 10 on rink 6. All teams were drawn out of the hat in front of all whom played for that event so no teams were ‘arranged’. The Teddy Chilton Trophy for the best all round Sandfly of the year went to Allan Britt who won it only on the last game played before the scoring stopped at the end of November. The scoring for that event goes on 1 point for attendance, 2 points for a win, for and against margins to give the final score. The scoring was quite close which shows the Bowls organiser, Steve Mison, is doing a good but thankless job so well done to him. Hon. Secretary Patrick kearney received his Life Membership badge for which he was extremely proud of. The last trophy was for The Shirts ‘v' Skirts Day which was won by the ladies of the Ballina RSL Womens bowling Club this year. All went well with the day and well done again to the Sandflies Committee, the kitchen and bar staff who always do a great job of cause. Next week is a home game as usual. Till next week take care fellas.

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Ballina RSL Men's Bowling Club

9 Dec;

P.Kearney, M.Greenhalgh, N.Dunne 20 (winners) d C.Coleman, B.Duniam, P.Mazzer 19; B.Davey, P.Stephan, J.Curtis 19 (R/U) d C.Sivior, K.Arthur, C.Dart 16; G.Wesley, A.Garcia, T.Hearn 30 d K.Spearing, E.Sellick, G.Jarrett 13 (LL); R.Jelfs, D.Spencer, M.Armstrong, 23 d J.Busuttil, M.Biddle, S.Weller 13; R.Campbell, R.Soward, W.Wyatt 17 d B.Lewis, L.Stuart, K.Somerville 15; G.Danvers, C.Macklin, D.Hickey 33 d F.Renner, L.Prsa, F.Wedesweiler 8; D.Wheatland, A.Langridge, F.Flick 26 d A.Ramage, T.Stabb, M.Gray 11; N.Maish, S.Turner, M.DeBono 34 d R.Brown, K.Manion, A.Gibson 14; B.OGrady, T.Whyte, K.Hill 34 d F.Connors, P.Greenwood, E,Linder 9; E.Studley, J.Martin, B.Crowe 37 d M.Lloyd, G.Carter, D.Hicks 7.

12 Dec;

M.Gray, M.DeBono 20 (winners) d F.Renner, R.Soward 16 (LL); R.Jelfs, B.Gallaher 23 (RU) d P.Stephan, J.Curtis 12; K.McIlwain, T.Hearn 33 d E.Studley, D.Wheatland 12; L.McIlwain, G.Jarrett 26 d P & S Weller 18.

10 Dec;

J.Reed, M.Soward, B.Gallaher 29 (winners) d J.Busuttil, T.Whyte, W.Binney 15; B.Northfield, M.Oneill, R.Marquardt 22 (RU) d K.Kilby, G.Vaubel, J.Robertson 20; A.Marchment, T.Hearn 20 d J.Vaubel, B.Lewis 19.

Ballina RSL Men's Bowling Club 10:17:28 am, Categories: Bowling Club, Mens Results, General

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Ballina RSL Men's Bowling Club

2 Dec:
B.Galloway, K.Manion, B.Lewis 29 (winners) d E.Studley, J.Martin, R.Gibson 10; K.Somerville, L.Stuart, A.Bailey 29 (R/U) d P.Myles, L.McCann, F.Wedisweiler 11; M.Biddle, W.Binney, M.Anderson 33 d R.Jelfs, P.Connick, Dick Gregor 20 (L/T); B.Davey, G.Carter, P.Stephan 30 d M.Armstrong, D.Spencer, K.McIlwain 13 (L/L); L.Hamilton, M.Lowe, J.Fuller 21 d K.Spearing, E.Sellick, L,Dimmock 12; S.Weller, B.Parr, G.Partridge 23 d G.Danvers, C.Macklin, D.Hickey 12; C.Coleman, B.Dunian, P.Mazzer 22 d A.Gibson, D.Gregor, R.Watson 18; G.Wesley, A.Garcia, T.Hearn 19 d B.Ryan, E.Lindner, F.Connors 13; A.Ramage, T.Stabb, M.Gray 23 d F.Renner, R.Brown, G.Jarrett 11; J.Lowry, K.Arthur, C.Dart 34 d J.Busuttil, D.Blackmore, D.Lee 9; F.Reardon, M.Greenhalgh, C.Pitman 28 d D.Wheatland, A.Langridge, F.Flick 14.

5 Dec:
K.McIlwain, L.McIlwain 23 d R.Jelfs, M.Gray 21; C.Briand, D.Eggins 27 d P.Weller, S.Weller 6; M.Watson, R.Watson 26 d M.ONeill, B.Gallaher 15; J.Vibert, G.Ball, K.Somerville 51 d L.Lewis, E.Studley, B.Lewis 6; P.Stephan, J.Curtis 19 d T.Hearn, D.Gregor 15.

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Monday, December 8, 2014

Sandflies Results and News

Big day Sunday with the Sandflies playing for the Sandflies Triples Trophy with the winners to be announced next week along with the Teddy Chilton’s Trophy for the Sandfly of the year after the Sunday morning game and at the Sandflies Christmas party. Thanks to all the Sandflies in attendance early on Sunday morning for the draw of the teams with Koala the only one finding it hard to get out of bed and get down to the Ballina RSL Bowling Club by 0830 so well done to him. Uncle Fester had been in dry dock last week but is now on the road to a full recovery at home under the ever watch full eye of his Mrs. and his pussy cat. Mrs Parkers little boy Johnny splashed out big time buying the $10.00 Pink Shoelaces which is in aid of Breast Cancer and in respect for the ladies with it. However when he went to proudly put his new laces in his shoes he finds out they are the Velcro Strap type and don't use shoelaces so down to the sports store and $120.00 later arrives home with a new pair of shoes to put the Cancer Council Pink Shoelaces in. Be wise to leave that one alone for a while. Winners on the day were the team on rink 2 and they were Warren ‘Boston’ Thatcher, Gordon Jarrett and the incredible Franky Reardon getting up 22 to 18 against John Dennis, Chris Dart and Peter Tootell in a very close game all morning. Runners up were on rink 6 with Mrs. Parker’s little boy Johnny, Billy Inglis and former South Sydney great Sandflies Preso Col Pittman getting hammered by Bob Davey, David Hicks-up and Garry Simon 36 to 10 which is a score we have been used to seeing at the Bunnies football games. Have to mention also Butch’s team of ‘ Call me what you like - but dont call me Timmy’ Taylor and Mal Lowe playing Lizard’s team of Johnny Reed and Laurie ‘scam’ McCann getting a 8 count on the 13th end. The window tapper was very quiet after that. Next week we have the long awaited Christmas party which as usual is a beauty so get your names in early for catering thanks. Till next week take care fellas.

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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Sandflies Results and News

Excellent weather, excellent company, excellent result and well done to the Alstonville Mafia for organising the excellent day. Sledging and top class bowls seemed to be the order of the day as both the NSW Bed Bugs ‘v’ QLD Crutch Crabs battled it out at the Alstonville Bowling Club for the second of the 4 game State of Origin series played between the Ballina RSL Sandflies and the Alstonville Mafia for NSW and the Robina Rebels and Musgrave Hill Maulers for QLD with NSW taking out the 2 round 79 to 69 with the difference between for and against being used as the score margin. Peter Coulson and his boys put on a great show and worthy of the day. Top points for them and their efforts have increased the ‘value’ of the Shield and the 3rd game which is played at the Robina Bowling Club on the 19th of July 2015. With the series at one all now and with the final game 4 to be played at the Ballina RSL Bowling Club on the 29th of November 2015, it looks like going down to the wire. The series starts again in 2016. Next week for the Sandflies we have the Sandflies Triple Shield to be played for with all players drawn out of the hat and President Col wishes all players to be at the club by 0830 or ring through if you are late please. We understand so much that things happen and players get held up but the common courtesy of ringing should'nt be too hard. It just takes that extra time to draw each of the players names out of the hat and do the cards. The winners go on the shield for 2014. The week after is the Sandflies Christmas Party. Till next week take care fellas.

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