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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Ballina RSL Sandflies Bowls Club

Still hard to believe its the end of August with only 4 months till Christmas and the Sandflies played the usual Sunday morning game on fairly comfortable conditions and a good turnout filling up the Navy Green. Even Mrs. Parker’s little boy Johnny was allowed out to play and turned up for a game and found himself playing against the winners on the day who were Gary Simon, Little Joe and Steve Mison getting up 17 to 12 against Kermie, Mrs. Parker’s little boy Johnny and Franky Reardon on rink 4. Runners up were on rink 6 with Kenny Arthur, Knackers and Freddy Nonethewiser getting beat on the day in a nail biter by visitor Alan Watt, John Dennis, and Butch 19 to 20. Blues Navy Day is on the 13th and its a fund raiser for the TC Lismore a Navy Cadet training base in Ballina. Excellent day this with heaps of prizes and is worth the effort coming down to the Ballina RSL Bowling Club for this great day out. Bare foot bowls for some and others wear there club gear but all have a ball on this very special day. The Navy boys have a 18+ only drop called ‘Nelsons Blood’ which can turn the toe nails up on the unweary. A closely guarded secret mixture of rum and port and all over the 18 years barrier can sample this paint stripper if they wish as rink by rink come in for a belt or two. Please try and get down to the Bowlo for this top day as it is for the kids of Ballina and district. Till next week take care fellas.

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Ballina RSL Mens Bowls Club

Tuesday 25th Aug: Super Tuesday; Hi score/2 wins; D Huett, D Gregor, R Watson +24; Runner up; G Simon, P Kearney, G Scott +20; 3rd; R Campbell,J Daley, W Wyatt +16; Hi score/1 win,1 loss; W McRae,L Bartlett, Dick Gregor +12; Runner up; S Mison,C Pittman, N Dunn +8; Best 2 losses; K Somerville, R Elkins, A Bailey – 5.
Friday 28th; D Gregor,F Flick 29 d R Jelfs, D Hicks 16; M O’Neill,B Gallaher 28 d P Weller, G Weir 10; F Renner, D Eggins 26 d M Anderson, G McLean 12; B Proudfoot, K Somerville 20 d P Sephan,D Huett 19; M Gray, M DeBono 28 d B Nelson,G Jarrett 10.
Saturday 29th Aug; V Cross,J Busuttil, B Gallaher 23 d G Wesley, M Riches, D Vaughn 16; M Lewis, D Strong, R Marquardt 23 d D Howe, B Nesbitt, G McLean 17; N Renner, C Dart, L Kostza 20/11 d J Daley, F Somerville, K Somerville 20/10;V Lewis, E Strong, R Jelfs 25 d M O’Neill,C Jones, T Hearn 12; K Kilby, T Riches, B Lewis 25 d D Hicks,D Saines, K Hill 22.
Club Championships: Minor Pairs; G Wesley, A Garcia 23 d P Kearney, G Scott 14; B Parr, S Weller 18 d B Lewis, Dick Gregor 16; G Danvers, C Macklin 27 d F Renner, W Binney 14.

Ballina RSL Mens Bowls Club 09:26:35 am, Categories: Announcements [A], Bowling Club, Mens Results

Friday, August 28, 2015

Ballina RSL Sandflies Bowls Club

Well watta top day Sunday was with perfect conditions for the Sandflies Sunday morning game. Greenskeeper Duncan's offsider had the Navy Green running beautifully and is doing a top job for the boy as he is doing it a bit tuff snow skiing with his family on a well deserved holiday. With Maud and some knuckle dusters minding the ranch and young Garry doin the greens Duncan shouldn’t have a care in the world and good on him. With the Sandflies game there was some pretty tight scores. One exception being on rink 4 with young Josh Greenhalgh giving his dad, Knackers, a bit of a belt across the ear but Knackers ended up in front anyways because that game gave us the Runners-up with Little Joe, Kenny Arthur and Knackers getting money after getting beat on the day by new member Tony Tartaro, Gordon Jarrett and Josh Greenhalgh 14 to 22. Winners on the day were on rink 3 with Uncle Fester and all the way back from Pommie land, Steve Mison, doing the honours over Alby Waldron and call me anything you like but don’t call me Timmy’ Taylor 26 to 19. Some great shots played on all rinks and good to see especially after the killing fields of MacLean last week. Home game next week and Blues Navy day coming up on the 13th of September where the Sandflies hand the greens over to Blue McNally to raised money for the TC Lismore, a naval Cadet training base in Ballina. Excellent day this and with out the support from day like this one run by Blue and his mates it just wouldn’t happen so please try and get there if you can. I think the day starts at 0900 and heaps of prizes. Till next week take care fellas.

Ballina RSL Sandflies Bowls Club 11:28:45 am, Categories: Announcements [A], Bowling Club, Mens Results

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Ballina RSL Mens Bowls Club

Tuesday 18th Aug:J Martin,B Gibson,B Lewis 29 (winners) d B O’Grady,T Whyte,K Hill 11 (lucky team);J Busuttil,G Danvers,C Macklin 29 (runner up) d P Connick,P Greenwood,J Shearman 17;V Elmes,W Binney,J Curtis 21 d B Parr,C Dart,S Weller 12 (lucky loser);P Cawley,F Connors,D Hicks 19 d E Strong,B Ryan,B Shearman 17;G Wesley,A Garcia,T Hearn 29 d K Manion,R Jelfs,E Linder 18;A Ramage,M Gray,M DeBono 25 d D Huett,D Gregor,R Watson 16;W McRae,L Bartlett,Dick Gregor 19 d D Wheatland,B Gallaher,F Flick 21;J Lowry,K Arthur,C Ulrick 28 d E Sellick,T Kidd,L Dimmock 15;N Lane,P Stephan,A Langridge 24 d B Proudfoot,N Walters,P Dean 13;L Davis,J Dennis,A Gibson 21 d C Coleman,B Duniam,P Mazzer 10;R Soward,C Beddoes 22 d R Elkins,W Wyatt 17.
Friday 21st Aug: P Weller,S Weller 21 (winners) d B Ryan,G Jarrett 18;M Gray,M DeBono 22 (runner up) d D Huett,P Stephan 10;D Macleman,M ONeill,B Gallaher 19 d G McLean,R Jelfs,D Hicks 16.
Saturday 22nd: Visit by Gaythorne,Brisbane,Bowls Club.23 bowlers.2 rounds of 11 ends were played.!st round Ballina RSL 7 rinks won d Gaythorne 1 rink;2nd round Ballina RSL 4 rinks,Gaythorne 4 rinks.
Championship matches: Minor Pairs;P Kearney,G Scott 28 d M Lowe,G Alcorn 11;G Wesley,A Garcia 31 d B Proudfoot,T Hearn 11;F Renner,W Binney 19 d P Greenwood,G McLean 18;B Parr,S Weller 21 d L Davis, J Dennis 11.

Ballina RSL Mens Bowls Club 11:44:12 am, Categories: Announcements [A], Bowling Club, Mens Results

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Ballina RSL Sandflies Bowls Club

Heavy overnight rain didn’t seem to affect the Navy Green much at all but the rains came to end play and all finish in the bar about a few schooner's earlier then usual. Lucky to get in what we did of cause so there wasn’t much to complain about. Laurie McCann was telling me that he wasn’t sure if he was grownin a beard or forgot to shave which left me searching for answers most of the day but other then that a fairly good day. Winners on the day were on rink 1 with Laurie McCann, Larry ‘ lizard’ Davis and young Bobby Gibson getting up 20 to 12 over Little Joe, John Dennis and Freddy Nonethewiser. Runners up were on rink 4 with Peter Connick, Frank Renner and Kenny ‘ Koala’ McIlwain getting done 26 to 16 by Roger ‘the yank’ Elkins, Gordon Jarrett and Alby Waldron. Koala was doin a bit of soul searching up to the 8 end when he was down 14 nil but managed to get back 16 in the next 10 ends before the rain cleared the green. Sheets on the board for the Bribie Island weekender away on the 27th and 28th of June, the 3 game in the 4 game State of Origin where the NSW Bed bugs do battle against the QLD Crutch Crabs on the 19th of July at Robina and the return visit to MacLean on August 16th. That day the ballina RSL Bowling Club will be booked out by some big bowling tournament which will see some 32 teams doing battle for big dough I think so unless you plan to be watching the games its a good chance to visit the boys at the MacLean Bowling Club for $25.00. Home game next week. Till next week take care fellas.

Ballina RSL Sandflies Bowls Club 11:20:21 am, Categories: Announcements [A], Bowling Club, Mens Results

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