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Monday, October 20, 2014

Sandflies Results and News

The battled scarred Sandflies resurfaced after the defeat last Sunday in the hands of the Ballina RSL Women’s Bowling Club only to be hammered again into a pulp by the mighty Bongaree Pumistone Pirates. Captain Skeeter and his very merry band of misfits did the unthinkable and defeated the Sandflies 163 to 69, or that's what was said after the game on Sunday Arvo. Just happens I checked the cards this morning in a more sober light and it works out that Captain Skeeter done a beautiful con. The real score , as it turns out, Sandflies 169 to the Pirates 163 and the sly old sea dawg got away with it. The Pirates set sail into the sunset with the spoils of the day and sets the mood for some unpleasantries next time we meet on the 7th & 8th of February. Great day with Captain Skeeter and his lads and it always is a special event. Former South Sydney great and Sandflies President Col Pittman asked all to stand for a moments silence for one of the fallen Pirates, The Preacher Man, whom passed away last month. Winners on the day were on the Sandflies on rink 7 of the Navy Green with 'Dont Call Me Timmy' Taylor, Billy Inglis and Larry ‘lizard’ Davis getting up 26 to 13 against Rump, Frog and Duke. Runners up were on rink 3 were some Pirates, Kazza, Alfy and Curly got pipped at the post by Peter Harley, Knackers and Preso Col 19 to 13. Many thanks to the Sandflies Committee for doing the hard yards before the game, Knackers and Uncle Fester cooking on the Barbie breakfast and lunch and a great job they do under the organising skills of Mrs. Parkers little boy Johnny. Next week the Sandflies take a holiday to Burleigh Heads to see the Camels and please be at the club around 0730 for that one. Till next week take care fellas.

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Ballina RSL Men's Bowling Club

14 Oct;
S.Weller, B.Parr, G.Partridge 26 (winners) d C.Coleman, B.Dunian, P.Mazzer 12; B.Davey, P.Greenwood, J.Shearman 18(RU) d F.Renner, G.Carter, C.Dart 12; K.Manion, R.Jelfs, J.Lyon 25 (LT) d E.Studley, J.Martin, R.Gibson 5; E.Sellick, L.Dimmock, W.Rogan 20 d M.Lowe, A.Langridge, F.Flick 11 (LL); M.Greenhalgh, P.Kearney, R.Moyston 31 d N.Lane, N.Smith, L.Smith 13; M.Loyd, T.Stabb, A.Gibson 19 d B.Ryan, D.Hicks, M.Crummy 15; M.Armstrong, D.Spencer, K.McIlwain 23 d B.OGrady, T.Whyte, D.Hickey 21; L.McCann, L.Prsa, F.Wedesweiler 20 d L.Hamilton, G.Alcorn, J.Fuller 19; R.Campbell, C.Beddoes, W.Wyatt 28 d A.Ramage, J.Lowry, M.Gray 11; K.Somerville, A.Bailey 27 d A.Garcia, T.Hearn 20; B.Proudfoot, G.Jarrett, P.Dean 16 d N.Maish, J.Daley, T.Kidd 14; M.Biddle, W.Binney, M.Anderson 18 d P.Stephan, K.Artur, J.Curtis 11; D.Huett, D.Gregor, R.Watson 24 d W.McRae, Dick Gregor, C.Ulrick 16.

17 Oct;
E.Studley, D Wheatland 23 (winners) d B.Proudfoot, T.Hearn 17; D.Huett, D.Gregor 24 (RU) d P.Stephan, J.Curtis 22; M.Soward, G.Jarrett 21 (LT) d P.Weller, C.Briand 20; L & H. Willems 28 d G.Weir, G.McLean 13; R.Soward, J.Lyon 32 d D.Eggins. W.Rogan 16; R.Jelfs, M.Crummy 19 d M.ONeill, B.Gallaher 18;L & K. McIlwain 27 d M.Gray, M.DeBono 26.

18 Oct;
Visit by Bongarie Pirates from Bribie Island. Two games were played. Pirates were overall winners on the day.
Championship results; Minor singles final; R.Watson 31 d S.Weller 23. Congratulations Roy.
Mixed pairs; F.Tranter, K.Sommerville 20 d M & R. Watson 15; J.Lowry, B.Bennett 29 d D.Vaughan, C.Pitman 10; Mixed triples; D.Eggins, A.Waldron, H.Willems 24 d M.ONeill, T.Hearn, D.Hicks 14.

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Monday, October 13, 2014

Sandflies Results and News

What a wonderful day on Sunday with the ladies of the Ballina RSL Women’s Bowling Club matching it with Sandflies in the annual Shirts ‘v’ Skirts Day. First class weather and company. The ladies did the unthinkable and got up on the day 161 to 154 to take out the bragging rights for 2015 and well deserved it was too with a the impeccable turnout and excellent draw shots, the ladies could not falter. Its the first time the ladies have won in 5 years I think, but they have turned up in force and tried there little butts off year after year and its great to see that inter - club spirit. Madam President Lois was very proud of her girls and rightfully so as they did good to beat the Sandflies. After the game a very welcomed chicken salad was partaken with the pop of a Champagne cork now and again just topped the day of for the ladies. Winners on the day was Norma Renner, Val Lewis and the Lennox Legend Johhny Burrows (helping out the ladies) getting up 29 to 13 on rink 3 of the Navy Green against John Lowry, Eric Burgess and Larry ‘Lizard’ Davis. Runners up was on rink 4 and they were Sue Lowry, Lois Cawley and Joan Hollingsworth going down 20 to 21 to Cranky Franky, Col Pittman and young Bobby Gibson with the boys getting up by just1 shot on the last end. President Col, still a bit crook from last Sundays footy game, thanked Madam Preso Lois and her girls for the kick in the ass and said the Sandflies would return next year and would be after blood. He said that it was a well deserved win for the women and also thanked the ladies adding a bit of beauty to the Sunday morning game. Next week we have the visit from Bongaree Pumbistone Pirates from Bribie Island. Captain Skeeter said his boys are after revenge from the hiding they got on home ground in February. We will need 34 hard playing Sandflies next Sunday and I think the mens club want some help on Saturday also if you can. Not sure about the rumour getting around that Russell Crowe is making an epic movie of the South Sydney game last week. He is said to be playing Greg Inglis in that blockbuster. Till next week take care fellas.

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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Ballina RSL Men's Bowling Club

Ballina RSL Men
On Saturday 4 October the Saints and Sinners, from varying clubs mainly north of Ballina to the Tweed, played mixed triples against the RSL bowlers and an enjoyable afternoon of social bowls was had by all. Monday, 13 October the RSL will host a bus load from Mackay for a mixed afternoon of triples, players names required ASAP. Men's pairs teams required for the Alstonville Festival of Bowls on Wednesday 15 October.

Sept 30: Minor Pairs Championship Final:
L McCann, F Wedesweiler 37 d M Lowe, K Spearing 15; Men's & Mixed Triples (Ipswich Veterans visiting): R Campbell, C Beddoes, W Wyatt 29 (Winners) d J Lowry, B McRea, Dick Gregor 19; D Wheatland, A Langridge, F Flick (RU) 21 d j Lyon, N Lane, C Ulrick 17; B De Leeun, K Manion, A Garcia (LT) 19 d G Carter, M Martin, J Carmichael 16; E McKenzie, J Vaubell, R Jelfs 18 d R Sparks, B Bennett, R Wernowski (LL) 17; C Coleman, B Duniam, P Mazzer (LRW) 21 d A Ramage, K McIlwain, M Debono 20; J Harte, A Orr, K Somerville 31 d P Dean, K Kitzelman, V Swanson (LRL) 7; E Studley, J Martin, B Gibson 28 d M Armstrong, D Spencer, P Greenwood 12; E Sellick, L Dimmock, W Rogan (11 ends) 21 d J Shearman, P Gregor, R Watson (10) 21; PStephan, V Elmes, J Curtis 23 d L Hamilton, G Alcorn, J Fuller 11; A Marchment, B Halliday, T Hearn 25 d G Danvers, P Swanson, A Cameron 9; B Proudfoot, K De Leewin 17 d D Benson, R Soward 16; B O'Grady, B Vale, L McIlwain 36 d N Weigel, G Weir, B Wright 10; R Wilson, F Connors, L Stuart 22 d B Ryan, K Brown, C Mercer 15; B Pearce, L Cawley, G Smith 23 d J Lovegrove, F Tranter, E Linder 13; J Tanchoux, T Whyte, Blewis 19 d T Gerkin, C Briand, D Wernowski 11; P Connick, J Pankhurst, N Buchanan 26 d C Caneris, M Biddle, M Crummy 8; G Beard, M Watson, R McLean 28 d B Probin, K Arthur, W Binney 15; G Wesley, M Ninness, D Lee 28 d M O'Neill, C Symanowski, P Shumack 21; C Bakens, R Gill, O Gill 20 d B Davey, A Verrell, D Schimke 10; F Renner, D Smith, J Hollingsworth 18 d R Symanowski, P Weller, V Cameron 15.

Oct 3: Mixed Pairs Championships:
J Lowry, B Bennett 26 d L McIlwain, D Hicks 21. Mixed Pairs: R Jelfs, M Crummy 33 (Winners) d L Lewis, B Lewis 8; E Studley, D Wheathead 30 (RU) d G Carter, G Jarrett 16; C Ulrick, F Flick 24 d G Danvers, G Scott 13 (LL), M O'Neill, K Somerville 11 d P Weller, C Brain 11 (LR); F Renner, D Gregor 38 d V Elms, J Curtis 17; M Gray, M Debono 21 d K McIlwain, W Rogan 5.

Oct 4: Mixed Pairs Championships:
D Vaughan, C Pittman 29 d C Briand, W Binney 13; M Watson, R Watson 28 d J Harte, L Davis 19 (LL). Mixed Triples (Saints and Sinners visiting): D Cox, I Elvy, B Elvy +6 (Winners) d G Wesley, M O'Neill, R Soward; J Helf, M Jackson, T Jackson +19 (RU) d N Craddock, K Dennis, J Hollingsworth; A Jarrand, P Helf, J Jerrand +4 d J Lowry, C Jones, K Somerville; J Busuttil, T Riches, M Gray +35 d J Coppin, M Hastie, R Hastie; J Daley, C Dart, T Hearn d B Weston, Kooka, C Weston; K Kilby, D Saines, B Lewis d S Price, G Coppin, P Price; B O'Grady, M Riches, J Robertson d B Northfield, T Whyte, K McIlwain; G Vaubell, N Dunstone d E Studley, L McIlwain.

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Sandflies Results and News

Former South Sydney great and Sandflies President, Col Pittman, would have been over the moon! If he could of seen it that is, on Sunday night after his team of many a year finally kicked home. His fellow supporter's would be as proud as punch and good on them as it was well deserved to be sure and a dream come true after years of heart break and bad news. It's been a long time between drinks for that club’s faithful so good on them but not sure if I can handle another day of ‘Glory, Glory South Sydney’. Sunday morning and well before all the League supporters started yelling at their TV’s, the Sandflies done a battle of there own and the winners on the day were on rink 4 of the Navy Green with Bob Davey, Joey Shearman and Sandflies Treasurer, Alby Waldron getting up 22 to 17 against Eric Burgess, Kenny Arthur and Col Pittman. Watched a bit of that game when I could and some really good draw shots by all involved in that game. Thanks to Peter Harley for helping out young Eric in that game. Some class bowlers in the Sandflies thats for sure. Runners up were on rink 6 with Laurie McCann, Greg Danvers and Franky Reardon getting beat 23 to 11 on the day by John Dennis, Gordon Jarrett and Knackers in another excellent game of bowls. Next week is the Shirts ‘v’ Skirts Day and where the Sandflies take on the lovely ladies from the Ballina RSL Women’s Bowling Club in the once a year event. Frying pans and knuckle dusters are not part of the Women’s dress code but make some pretty handy appearances on that day. A few glasses of champer’s settles them down and all finish up doing the quick step down the rinks. All jokes aside , this is an excellent day and as we know the ladies are no easy beats and will be out for revenge after last years defeat and the year before that and the year before that. A sit down chicken salad lunch is planed and $10.00 gets you a great morning of bowls, a giggle or two plus the lunch. Till next week take care fellas.

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