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Wednesday, April 29, 2015


Tuesday 21 Apr: A Ramage, M Gray, M DeBono 18 (winners) d M Armstrong, N Lane, P Stephan 14; K Manion, G Alcorn 19 (R/U) d A Gibson, T Hearn 14; B Ryan, F Connors, M Crummy 21 d B Gibson, E Studley, J Martin 16 (Lucky team); B O’Grady, T Whyte, K Hill 22 d B Parr, S Weller, G Partridge 17 (Lucky loser); L Hamilton, J Fuller 28 d D Spencer, W Binney 21; E Sellick, L Dimmock, T Kidd 28 d G Danvers, K Spearing,C Macklin 16; J Busuttil, C Dart, B Gallaher 22 d P Connick, M Biddle, G McPhail 13; K McIlwain, C Beddoes, W Wyatt 18 d W McRae, L Bartlett, C Sorrentino 15; B Proudfoot, G Jarrett, P Dean 27 d D Wheatland, K Wilson, F Flick 25; K Somerville, P Joyce, A Bailey 27 d P Kearney, C Pittman, G Scott 19; J Lowry, K Arthur, C Ulrick 22 d G Carter, D Huett, Don Gregor 15.
Friday 24 Apr: L McIlwain, C Macklin (winners) 31 d D Macleman, T Hearn 16; M O”Neill, K Somerville 25 (R/U) d F Somerville, D Eggins 13 (Lucky loser); B Proudfoot, D Gregor 18 d P Stephan, G Jarrett 13; H Willems, R Mostyn 26 d K Spearing, C Pittman 14; M Gray, W Binney 23 d J Lowry, K McIlwain 14; E Studley, S Weller 17 d P Weller, B Gallaher 15; K McPhail, G McPhail 20 d M Crummy, F Flick 15.
Saturday 25 Apr: J Vaubell, K Dennis, R Marquardt 22 (winners) d J Lane, G Vaubell, J Robertson 14; N Craddock, C Dart 27 d K Kilby, N Lane 23; J Busuttil, B Bennett, K Somerville 19 d J Lowry, G McLean, R Campbell 17.
Club Championship Major Pairs Final: Don Gregor, Allan Langridge 21 d Garry Scott, Patrick Kearney 17.

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Some of the Sandflies Veterans didn’t show on Sunday and was put down to a flesh wound of sorts and good one them. Heroes all indeed. The Sandflies braved weather on Sunday that even would had the most keenest of kite flier's strapping to a tree. Gusts of over 30 knots made the wide hand near impossible at times but still playable with persistence and brought back some wonderful memories of the old wide draw bowls which we all had starting in Lawn Bowls. The narrow hand was down the centre line if you were game but if the wind stopped you finish outta bounds. So that was Sunday and you can’t do much about the weather but the beers always cold anyways. Winners on the day were on rink 3 of the Navy Green with Lexy Hamilton ( thats two weeks in a row for Lex ), Allan Britt and former South Sydney great Col Pittman - and we won’t mention the 3 losses for the bunnies in a row Col either - getting up against Little Joe, Mrs. Parker’s little boy Johnny and ‘…call me anything you like but don’t call me Timmy” Taylor 23 to 17. Runners up were on rink 1 with Billy Inglis, Kenny Arthur and Garry Simon getting done on the day by Roy Frappell, Gordon Jarrett and Bryan Lambert 13 to 25. Next week we have a visit from the Queensland Newspapers Bowling Club and we look forward to that one. Thanks to Alby and Knackers on the BBQ and Knackers again for cooking breakie. Till next week take care fellas.

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Monday, April 20, 2015


Tuesday 14 Apr; J Busuttil, C Dart, B Gallaher 26 (winners) d B O’Grady, K Hill, T Whyte 22 (LL); G Wesley, A Gibson, T Hearn 20 (R/U) d B Proudfoot, G Jarrett, P Dean 15; B Gibson, E Studley, J Martin 17 d D Spencer, K McIlwain, M Armstrong 15 (LT); A Ramage, M Gray, M DeBono 23 d L Stuart, K Somerville, A Bailey 21; R Campbell, R Soward, W Wyatt 33 d W binney, G Danvers, C Macklin 13; P Myles, M Crummy, F Wedesweiler 17 d E Strong, D Huett, D Gregor 15; D Wheatland, K Wilson, F Flick 33 d E Sellick, T Kidd, L Dimmock 10; J Lowry, K Arthur, C Ulrick 25 d L Bartlett, Dick Gregor, W McRae 24; B Parr, S Weller, G Partridge 21 d N Lane, P Stephan, A Langridge 20;P Connick, M Biddle, G McPhail 22 d C Coleman, G Carter, P Mazzer 17; L Hamilton, G Alcorn, J Fuller 25 d B Ryan, K Manion, E Linder 20.
Friday 17 Apr; M Crummy, G Jarrett 21 (winners) d K McIlwain, L McIlwain 17; T Hearn, K Somerville 41 (R/U) d M O’Neill, B Gallaher 9; M Gray, M DeBono 26 d B Parr, S Parr 12; P Stephan, D Huett 32 d B Proudfoot, P Dean 19; N Lane, W Binney 27 d E Studley, D Hicks 14.
Saturday 18 Apr; J Harte, T Riches, M Soward 26 (winners) d J Vaubell, J Daley, G Moor 10; A Mathers, M O’Neill 23 d V Cross, V Lewis 20; B Nesbitt, F Somerville, G Weir 26 d R Dutton, D Saines, B Bennett 13; L Keppie, L McIlwain 25 d J Lane, R Marquardt 19. Burleigh Camels visit; Camels 5 rinks d RSL 2 rinks.
Disrict Reserve Triples; A Waldron, F Reardon, C Pittman 28 d P Stephan, S Weller, D Hicks 26.

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Was nice to play bowls against some off the worlds best bowlers in Thailand and the Philippines National Squads even though the greens weren’t the best but hey, who cared, the bowlers were class and lovely people to go with it. A huge learning curve and if you get the chance, go. The Ballina RSL Sandflies had a visit on Sunday from the Burleigh Camels who come to town for the weekend. The Camels played both days at the Ballina RSL Bowling Club and I think they cleaned up both days, well certainly on Sunday. The over all score was 145 to 138 and the Camels revenged the visit we made to Burleigh Heads last October. Winners on the day was a Sandflies team with John Dennis, Brett Fraser and Freddy Nonethewiser getting up against Merlin, Don and Shawn 30 to 15 on rink 10 of the the Army Green. Runners up were on the rink next door with a Camels team and they were Trevor Webster, Russel Ackworth and Russel Schultz getting beat 23 to 16 by Lexy Hamilton, Mrs. Parkers little boy Johnny and Bryan Lambert. Many thanks to the boys on the BBQ - Greg, Uncle Fester and Knackers and Knackers who cooked the bacon and eggs for breakfast. Next week is a home game and on the 3rd we have a visit from the Queensland Newspapers. Thanks to ‘ …call me anything you like but don’t call me Timmy’ for doing the report while I was away. Till next week take care fellas.

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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Ballina RSL Bowling Club Youth

Ballina RSL Bowling Club Youth Development Update
Our Youth Development structure in its present format will continue until the end of May after which there will be some minor modifications.

This Saturday, 18 April, there will be coaching/competition for all the regulars and youth bowlers from other clubs.

Anzac Day - 25 April - NO Youth Development.

Saturday 2 May through to 30 May the same format will continue with coaching/competition, weather dependent, from 9:30am to 11:00am.

From the first Saturday in June until further notice the Youth Development Programme will take on a slightly new structure.

Youth Development Modifications from Saturday 6 June, 2015
Commencing at 10:00am there will be Free Introductory Tuition for new bowlers along with coaching for existing participants and then at 12:30pm there will be a Youth Competition with the cost being $5 per player. Format of the Youth Competition will depend on numbers, ability and green availability. There will be short games with fun and learning the Laws of the Game and Etiquette the main priority.

Canal Road Junior Tournament
Plans are well advanced for the Canal Road Junior Tournament at Ballina RSL Bowling Club from Monday 28 September to Friday 2 October, 2015.
There will be singles (Monday 28 and Tuesday 29 September) and Pairs (Thursday 1 and Friday 2 October).
• There will be three Divisions of Play: Gold, Silver, and Bronze.
• All players must enter the competition in the Gold Division.
• A player who wins a match will remain in the Division in which he/she is playing. If a player loses a match he/she will be moved to the next lower Division (i.e. Silver, then Bronze).
• There will be at least 3 Rounds of Play before Semi-Finals and Finals. The four top-ranked players in each Division will play off in the Semi-Finals and the winners will contest the Final of that Division.
Further information will be distributed when finalised.

Ballina RSL Bowling Club Youth 02:12:56 pm, Categories: Announcements [A]

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