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Friday, June 19, 2015


Open Pairs on Friday 3 July - $500 in prize money
Men’s Triples on Tuesday 7 July - $600 in prizemoney
Entry fee $12 per player per event - organise your team and enter now
club championships
Major Singles: semi-finals tomorrow (Saturday 20 June) Kerry Somerville v Pat Kearney and
Lotsy Koszta v last year’s champion Fred Wedesweiler.
Major Triples: team nominations close on Saturday 20 June. First round to be completed on or
before 5 July. Second round to be completed on or before Sunday 12 July.
pennant appreciation day
Saturday 20 June for all pennant players from 12:30pm.
flag raising - no5 grade northern rivers district champions
Ballina RSL at 12:30pm on Saturday 27 June, $10 to play with a bbq and all pennant players are
invited to attend.
upcoming events at canal road
Super Tuesdays - 23 June and 28 July
Ballina Hospital Auxiliary Charity Day - Saturday 11 July
Johnston Dignan Shield (Zone Event) - Sunday 12 July
North Coast Veterans - Monday 13 July
Committee Meeting - Monday 13 July
Sandflies AGM - Sunday 26 July at 9am
Men’s Bowling Club AGM - Sunday 9 August at 9am
Aero Canal Road Junior Tournament - Monday 28 September to Friday 2 October - Singles to be
played on Monday and Tuesday (28 & 29 September) with MARKERS required - please see Greg
Danvers or Rex Soward if you like to volunteer.
annual general meeting - 9 august at 9am
Nominations for the Management Committee are now open and close at 5pm on Friday 24 July,
forms on the noticeboard for the following positions: President, Deputy President, Vice
President, Honorary Secretary, Assistant Secretary, Honorary Treasurer, Bowls Organiser,
Assistant Bowls Organiser, Youth Development Officer, Committee (five positions), Pennant
Selectors (three positions).
Voting is available to Ballina RSL Men’s Bowling Club members on Men’s Bowls Days - 25, 28, &
31 July as well as 1, 4 & 7 July.
membership fees are now due for payment at ballina rsl river street
The Royal NSW Bowling Association has increased their capitation fees by a staggering $14 per
annum which increases the annual fees to $80 per member.
Your committee, along with many from the District and indeed the State, are voicing their
disapproval, on your behalf, to the Royal.
The committee, with support of the RSL Ltd, are investigating introducing a second tier
“Transitional” membership for new bowlers and those that may not want to play Championships
or Pennant.
The $80 pa fee is broken down this way:
$60 to the RNSWBA (up by $14 from $46 last year - a 23.3% increase)
$10 to Zone One
$10 to Northern Rivers District Bowling Association
$80 in total - your club is just a collection agency in this regard.
Don’t forget to pay your $2 locker fee and Sandflies $3 fees -
please go to Sporting News to download a printable copy of the Winter Carnival Details

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Monday, June 15, 2015


The Ballina RSL Sandflies had the best of both worlds on Sunday with sunshine and some free beers put on for a few hours by former South Sydney great and Sandflies President Col Pittman for his loyal Brethren. Col figured that the boys who turned up week in and week out deserved a treat and suggested he will be doing it more often in a way to say thank you to the boys. Some suggested that Col had gone a bit funny after his beloved bunnies took a pretty bad flogging from the Tigers on Friday night and the news that the bunnies prized trophy cabinet had been broken into and all stolen but it turned out after an investigation that termites had got in and eaten all the wooden spoons. Not to matter, at least they have the big one from last year if they can get it back of Russell. Winners on the day were on rink 3 of the Navy Green with Laurie McCann, Mal Lowe and ‘ me anything you like but don’t call me Timmy’ Taylor playing true brillance against Mrs. Parker’s little boy Johnny, Lennox Legend Johnny Burrows and Col Pittman in a 26 to 13 kick in the ass. Runners up were on rink 4 with Roger ‘the yank’ Elkins, Frank Renner and Nifty Nev Dunne getting well and truly done on the day with a 32 to 12 touch up by Peter Connick, Col Siviour and Gary Simon and checking the card on Monday morning I noticed a 5, 6 and a 8 on Mr. Simon’s side of the card which happens pretty rarely with them 2 very capable skips. Last call for who wants to go to Bribie Island for the 27th - 28th weekend this month. See Alby if you wish to go as he is giving the motel numbers soon. Till next week take care fellas.

SANDFLIES NEWS 01:28:36 pm, Categories: General


Tuesday 9 June: E Sellick, T Kidd, L Dimmock 31 (winners) P Connick, N Lane, P Stephan 9 (lucky losers); L Stuart, B Nesbitt, K Somerville 27 (R/U) B O’Grady, T Whyte, K Hill 7 (lucky team); J Lowry, K Arthur, C Ulrick 28 K McIlwain, D Spencer, P Laing 14; F Renner, S Weller, G Partridge 26 P Cawley, F Connors, M Crummy 14; R Campbell, B Lewis, C Beddoes 22 M Lloyd, G Jarrett, P Dean 16; G Wesley, A Garcia, A Gibson 27 (11 ends) M Biddle, D Huett, D Gregor 27 (10 ends); J Thronsen, Dick Gregor, W McRae 26 J Busuttil, K Manion, E Linder 16; A Ramage, M Gray, M DeBono 23 D Wheatland, B Gallaher, F Flick 14; L Hamilton, G Alcorn, J Fuller 32 R Gibson, E Studley, J Martin 14; F Wedesweiler, G Danvers, C Macklin 28 C Coleman, B Dunniam, P Mazzer 11.
Friday 12 June: No bowls.
Saturday 13 June: K Courtney, J Courtney 23 (winners) M O’Neill, B Lewis 8; K Kilby, M Biddle, W Binney 21 (R/U) J Busuttil, T Riches, R Marquardt 19; K Dennis, M Riches, B Bennett 22 J Lowry, D Strong, G Jarrett 20; D Hicks, E Strong, G McLean 20 R Jelfs, K McIlwain 17.
Major Singles Championships: L Kostza 32 B Moysten; F Wedesweiler 31 P Dean 22; P Kearney 32 M Gray 26; K Somerville 31 H Willems 28.

MENS BOWLING CLUB RESULTS 01:26:49 pm, Categories: General

Tuesday, June 9, 2015


Wasn’t shaping up good for The Queensland Newspapers Bowling Club after being flooded out a few months ago and then looked like pouring again after we rocked up on Saturday but Sunday you couldn’t have wished for a better day. Its always a great day with the Newspaper boys and don’t they like to party. After the game a BBQ was had and then the Ballina RSL Bowling Club whacked on the Cash, Marilyn and Elvis show and wasn’t it a hit with a packed club and most getting involved with the fun; singing and dancing to their hearts content, one of those shows you didn’t want to finish if you know what I mean. A great way to enjoy a Sunday with bowls in the morning and entertainment in the arvo. The return visit to see the Queensland Newspaper Bowling Club will be on the 22 of November and it is to be decided if its a weekender with some wanting to go to the races on the Saturday and bowls on the Sunday. However bowls will be organised by the Queensland boys or those who wish to play bowls on Saturday instead of the races. The weekend trip will be decided by the committee and will depend on costs and numbers attending so it might just be a day trip. Winners on the day was a QNBA team with Mick Leech, Ronny Spicer and Russell Jemsey beating Laurie McCann, Col Siviour and Lotzi Koszta on rink 3 of the Navy Green. Runners up were on Rink 6 with Sandflies Allan Britt, Koala and Greenskeeper Duncan Elphick getting a nice how do you do by the Queensland team. Phill Edwards, David Turnbull and Garry Scheider 28 to 12. I must admit that Duncan was called away for a while and Uncle Fester filled in to help with the deficit. Bribie Island trip away on the 27th and 28th is filling fast so if you want to go get in quick as the books will shut shortly. Thanks to Alby and Uncle Fester doing the excellent BBQ steak and onions and many thanks also for the Ballina RSL Bowling Club for putting the free show on. Till next week take care fellas.

SANDFLIES NEWS 12:31:09 pm, Categories: Bowling Club

Mens Bowling Club News

Tuesday 2 June: N Lane, P Stephan, A Langridge 32(winners) L Hamilton, M Lowe, J Fuller 22; L Davis, F Wedesweiler 30 (R/U) S Weller, F Reardon 28; A Ramage, M Gray, M DeBono 20(LT) R Campbell, C Beddoes, W Wyatt 20; P Greenwood, G Partridge 19 J Thronson, W Binney 18(LL); K McIlwain, D Spencer, J Curtis 26 D Gregor, W McRae, D Hicks 16; G Danvers, K Spearing, C Macklin 19 J Busuttil, K Manion, E Linder 18; B Lewis, D Huett, D Gregor 31 C Coleman, B Duniam, P Mazzer 14; P Cawley, F Connors, M Crummy 21 P Connick, B Shearman, M Biddle 16; G Wesley, A Garcia, A Gibson 20 M Lloyd, G Jarrett, P Dean 13; B O’Grady, T Whyte, K Hill 19 D Wheatland, B Gallaher, F Flick 19; F Renner, T Kidd, L Dimmock 20 R Gibson, E Studley, J Martin 19; J Lowry, K Arthur, R Fox 17 B Nesbitt,K Sommerville, A Bailey 15.
Friday 5 June: E Studley J Curtis 21(winners) M O’Neill, B Gallaher 8; L Dimmock, K Somerville 34(R/U) M Biddle, D Gregor 9; M Gray, MDeBono 27 G Jarrett, P Dean 23(LL); P Stephan, D Huett 17 M Crummy, D Wheatland 15; K McPhail, G McPhail 18 P Weller, D Eggins 13; L McIlwain, K McIlwain 23 M Lloyd, W Binney 20;.
Saturday 6 June; Queensland Newspaper Nomads visit; M O’Neill, G Vaubel, G McLean 18(winners) D Saines, K Dennis, A Daley 13; S Christensen, N Sprott, R Jensen 16(R/U) J Lowry, D Huett, L Davis 15; M Leech, H Crane, P Lowry 25 E Strong, S Weller, G Jarrett 19(LL); B Manwarring, P McRae, G Schneider 20 F Renner, P Greenwood, B Gallaher 17; P Edwards, L Hawkins, A Falla 14 G Wesley, E Studley, D Gregor 13; B Riddell, R Spicer, I Lever 19 J Busuttil, G Scott, P Kearney 19; J Vaubel, D Strong, J Robertson 21 M Riches, V Munster, R Marquardt 13; K Keevers, G Keevers, D Cranwell 30 F Tranter, T Riches, K McIlwain 11.
Major Singles: H Willems 31 S Weller 16; L Kostza 31 F Flick 14; K Somerville 31 A Waldron 24; F Wedesweiler 31 S Mison 21.

Mens Bowling Club News 12:23:11 pm, Categories: Bowling Club

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