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Wednesday, July 23, 2014


July 15th; Men’s triples;

M Lewis, D Hicks, W Harris 25 (winners) d F Wedesweiler , G Danvers, P Kearney 15; K Manion, F Connors, M Crummy 21 (RU) d L Hamilton, G Alcorn, J Fuller 18 ( LT); S Weller, B Parr, G Partridge 17 d J Martin, E Studley, B Gibson 15 (LL); M Biddle, R Soward, W Wyatt 24 d C Colman, F Trott, P Mazzer 22; D Ward, G Skinner, T Kidd 23 d A Rammage, M Gray, M Debono 15; B McRAE, d D Gregor, L Martin 35 d G Wesley, A Garcia, T Hearn 5;N Walters, P Connick , W Binney 17 d P Greenwood, E Linder, J Shearman 17; A Gibson, D Gregor, R Watson 19 d W Rogan, A Langridge, F Flick 18; F Renner, R Jelfs, K McIlwain 23 d B Proudfoot, G Jarrett, J Lyon 12; B Nesbitt, K Somerville, A Bailey 23 d B O’Grady, T Whyte, N Lane 13; J Lowry, K Arthur, D Hickey 22 d E Sellick, P Stephan, J Curtis 15;

July 18th; Club triples;

K McIlwain, C Ulrick 24 (winners) d L Dimmock, B Parr 13; D Talor, R Jelfs, M Crummy 22 (RU) d E Studley, G Carter, T Hearn 12; M O’Neill, B Gallaher 27 (LW) d M Watson, R Watson 26; L Lewis, B Lewis 20 d G Weir, P Stephan 19 ( LL); K Somerville, A Bailey 23 d M Gray, M Debono 21; D Eggins, W Rogan 23 d J Lyon, R Soward 14;

Triples championship semi,
B Frazer, J Shearman, S Mison 27 d B Proudfoot, G Jarrett, P Dean 21;

July 19th; Club triples;

B Quinton, F Tranter, T Hearn 22 (winners) d M Biddle,D Saines, M Lewis 21; R Dutton, V Lewis, J Robertson 25 d H Irwin, L Keppie, R Soward 19 (LL); H Fingleton, F Somerville, N Dunstone 22 d V Cross, M Soward, N Lane 12; J Lane, G Vaubell, L Koszta 25 d J Vaubell, M Riches, D Gregor 16; N Craddock, T Riches, B Nesbitt 33 d E Strong, C Jones, R Marquardt 9; J Lowry, J Daley, W Binney 24 d D Strong, K Dennis, J Hollingsworth 16;

Triples championship semi;
G Danvers, G Scott, P Kearney 28 (day RU) d K Somerville, R Watson, W Harris 8;
Minor singles championship round 1;J Shearman 31 d B Proudfoot 12;

Club champion for 2014; F Wedesweiler 31 d M Gray 28;

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Not sure about the mathematical skills of the Queensland mob called the Musgrave Hill Maulers and the Robina Rebels but the NSW teams of the Ballina RSL Sandflies and the Alstonville Mafia were dropped jawed when the overall score was announced at the first of the NSW Bed Bugs ‘v’ QLD Crutch Crabs State Of Origin at Musgrave Hill on Sunday. The main lad from the Maulers and with a name like Steve Feenary one should have been more aloof however due to the effects of the demon drink it was only noticed after the event that Steve had added in the other Maulers games that were being played beside the challenge games. This brought there overall score to beat us NSW lads by 32 to set the scoring standard at the next game being at the Alstonville Bowling Club on the 30th of November. With all jokes aside it was a top day with great company, greens and tucker that has set a standard of the highest degree. I just hope we can all match that as it was exceptional and many thanks to the Musgrave Hill Maulers for a top day. One now knows what happens when Chinese meals go in some people and while later that very criminating fart happens by chance which leaves a everyone on a 54 seater gasping like goldfish in a bowl. Well ofcause we cant mention names can we Preso Col but somewhere between the Gold Coast and Kingscliff turnoff, searching for that pocket of fresh air was at a premium. Great day and cant wait till the next game. Till next week take care fellas.

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Wednesday, July 16, 2014


July 7th; 2nd round triples championship;

B Proudfoot, G Jarrett, P Dean 21 (days winner) d J Lowry, F Wedesweiler, R Mostyn 12; F Connors, D Ward, A Langridge 25 (RU) d M Armstrong, K Manion, M Anderson 11; D Huett, T Hearn, K Somerville 18 d M Lloyd, M Gray, D Gregor 16 (LL); M Biddle, B Nesbitt, W Binny 33 d A Ramage, D Spencer, G Partridge 7; J Martin. R Soward, N Lane 19 d E Studly, J Lyon, R Watson 17; E Sellick, A Gibson, K McIlwain 30 d S Weller, A Garcia, F Flick 23; N Walters, R Jelfs, M Debono 21 d C Coleman, K Arthur, J Curtis 18; P Greenwood, M Crummy, B Lewis 20 d P Stephan, N Dunstone, B Gibson 18; G Wesley, T Whyte, J Shearman 23 d B O’Grady, E Linder, D Hickey 15;

July 11th; 2nd round triples championship;

K Somerville, R Watson, W Harris 25 d C Pittman, R Soward, H Willems 22;
Club Pairs; K McIlwain, L McIlwain 30 ( winners) d D Hicks, M Anderson 14; M Gray, M Debono 20 (RU) d B Parr, S Parr 17; B Proudfoot, J Lyon 26 d L Hickey, D Hickey19 (LL); d D Huett, R Jelfs, M Crummy 20 d EE Studley, P Stephan, J Curtis 17;

July 12th; 2nd round triples championship;

S Mison, B Frazer, J Shearman 23 d M Gray, A Langridge, M Debono 15;

Club mixed triples;

G Wesley, D Gregor, B Lambert 25 (winners) d M Greenhaugh, P Kearny, R Mostyn 6; K Kilby, M Watson, W Binney 23 (RU) d K McDonald, T Riches, N Lewis 9; D Howe, M Soward, D Lee 25 d H Finleton, C Jones, A Stone 12 (LL); d D Mackleman, B Nesbitt, J Hollingsworth 30 d J Vaubell, T Whyte, R Marquadt 18; M Biddle, A Daley,K Dennis, N Dunstone 31 d B Nelson, B Willis, E Strong, V Lewis 8; D Strong, M Riches, L McIlwain 25 d A Marchmont, M O’Neil,B Mathers 13; N Craddock, F Tranter M Willis 32 d B Turner, G Vaubell, J Robertson 8; G Jarrett, K Sommerville, R Watson 25 d B Nesbitt, J Curtis, K McIlwain 18; G Scott, F Wedesweiler,C Pittman 28 d J Lowry, L Davis, F Reardon 14; G McLean, N Lane, F Flick 17 d P Stephan, T Hearn, W Harris 16;

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One thing I have learnt playing bowls is that a team on paper that looks like a good side is not necessarily the case on the day. Take the impeccably bred side of stallions being Mrs. Parker’s little boy Johnny, young Bobby Gibson and the champion sire Uncle Fester himself being one class act getting rattled by the most humble sides of Lauire McCann, Gordon Jarrett and Patrick Kearney 29 to 9 to take out winners on the day on rink 2 of the Navy Green. Uncle Fester may have had an excuse due to the fact that he has been away for two weeks in the big smoke looking after a crook mate, got home on Friday and is trying to catch up on home duties of the horizontal nature and may be lacking some focus however the other two have been home all the time. Anyways I guess its all how you preform on the day however it doesnt really matter with the sandflies as its all in having a good time, sledging and relaxing with similar thinking mates and not a care in the world atmosphere for half a day at least. To most of us it just wouldn't be the same without our weekly dose of the Sandflies on a Sunday morning thats for sure. Next week the Sandflies trip away with the Alstonville Mafia to Musgrave Hill to see the Maulers and the Robina Rebels in the Lawn Bowls State of Origin, NSW Bed Bugs ‘v’ the QLD Crutch Crabs challenge. The bus leave Alstonville at 0600 and the ballina RSL Bowling Club at 0630. Each of the 4 clubs gets a chance to host the challenge which is played over 2 years. Also on the 27th the Sandflies hold there AGM which starts at 0900 and the nomination forms are on the board for that one. Till next week take care fellas.

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Wednesday, July 9, 2014


July 1st; Club triples

B O’Grady, T Whyte,N Lane 25 (winners) d J Martin, E Studley, B Gibson 22;S Weller, B Parr, G Partridge 22 ( RU ocb) d A Rumage, W Binney, M Debono 22; B Ryan. J Lyon, M Crummy 27 (LW) d B Proudfoot, K Manion, G Jarrett 19; D Spencer, R Jelfs, K McIlwain 19 d P Greenwood, E Linder, J Shearman 17; R Soward, C Beddoes, W Wyatt 22 d B Nesbitt, K Arthur, D Hickey 13 (LL); D Wheatland, A Langridge, F Flick 31 d F Renner, M Lewis, W Harris 22 ; P Stephan, B Lewis, J Curtis 29 d G Wesley, E Sellick, T Hearn 18; D Huett, D Gregor, R Watson 23 d N Dunstone, B McCrae, D Gregor 14; C Coleman, B Duniam, B Hargreaves 25 d G Alcorn, M Lowe, J Fuller 17; M Biddle, L Dimmock, O Manner 22 d M Lloyd, G Danvers, N Dunne 16;

2nd Round Triples cham;

G Danvers, G Scott, P Kearney 24 d M Lowe, G Alcorn, K McIlwain 15;

July 4th winter carnival;Mixed pairs;

2 wins best margin, F Tranter, K Somerville +30 winners; E Reid, R Reid + 25 (2nd); E Griffin, R Conlan +23 (3rd); V Farrell, W Binney +19 (4th); M Gregor, D Gregor (+17); Best 1st round; L Trenorden, B Trendorden (Goolwa)+18; Best 2nd round; M Watson, R Watson +10;

July 6th; winter carnival; Mixed triples;

2 wins, M Watson, F Flick, R Watson +34 (1st); G Griffin, G Orchard, K Conlon+31 (2nd); M Biddle, B Nelson, S Mison +29 (3rd); F Tranter, K Somerville, W Harris +26 (4th); Best 1st round; K Wedesweiler, D Hicks, F Wedeseiler+18; Best 2nd round; D Eggins, M Debono, A Langridge +27;

July 7th winter carnival Mens pairs; 2 wins best margin;

G Houston, S Mison +50 (1st); N Wilson, K McGuire +29 (2nd); P Flood, G Simom +20 ( 3rd); F Flick, A Langridge +14 ((4th); P Sharp, R Miles + 11 (5th); best 1st rouns; G Clifford, C McHatton + 3; best 2nd round; K Somerville, W Harris +30;

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